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    Sensitive Teeth during Pregnancy

    Dental Health By Aparna Mir , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Mar 07, 2012
    Sensitive Teeth during Pregnancy

    Teeth sensitivity and bleeding of gums are the outcomes of hormonal change during pregnancy. A proper dental care is mandatory for dealing with teeth sensitivity.

    During pregnancy a woman faces various physical, emotional and mental changes and this includes teeth and gums. The sensitivity of the teeth, towards anything cold or hot, increases during pregnancy.  This is due to the increase in woman’s craving for. Normally this sensitivity lasts till pregnancy, but in some cases it can be the sign of something serious.

    During pregnancy, blood circulation increases causing high blood rush in the gums too. This gives rise to gum problems such as gingivitis and gum sensitivity. Teeth sensitivity can affect both the mother and her child. If not treated properly, it can cause premature birth and low birth weight.

    Variation in hormonal behaviour is the main reason for increased teeth sensitivity during pregnancy. This hormonal change causes softening of the tissues present in the mouth, thereby enhancing sensitivity. A woman should follow certain tips to protect her teeth and gums from sensitivity during pregnancy:

    • During pregnancy, brushing is very necessary to protect your mouth from any dental disease. Brush after every meal especially after eating anything sweet. Don’t brush aggressively as it can damage the gums causing bleeding. Brushing should be followed by proper flossing, but over-flossing can damage the sensitive tissues.
    • Regular dental check-ups are a must during pregnancy. Do not undergo any sort of X-ray therapy or anaesthesia as it is not safe for your health and that of your baby.
    • Stay away from sweets and chewy food such as dry fruits. You can replace them with nuts and cheese.
    • Increase the intake of vitamin C and calcium in your diet as they help in strengthening the teeth, decreasing their sensitivity.
    • Keep the mouth and tongue clean by frequent brushing. This decreases the amount of microbial growth in the mouth preventing foul smell and yellowing of the teeth.
    • If you can’t brush after every meal, have a sugar-free chewing gum which lowers the pH of your mouth, thus avoiding any microbial contamination.
    • Avoid eating anything excessively cold just after having anything hot. Use a toothpaste meant for teeth sensitivity.

    During pregnancy, a proper dental regime is essential to maintain the oral hygiene. Teeth sensitivity is quite common during pregnancy. If left ignored, it can cause serious dental concerns. Therefore, follow a proper dental routine to prevent any kind of teeth sensitivity problems.


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