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Secret relationship resolutions

Updated at: May 19, 2015
Written by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Feb 24, 2011
Secret relationship resolutions

We all follow those nitty-gritty details to give an extra kick to our relationship and to top it all we declare them loudly to everybody surrounding us. We all do that. Don’t we?


Be it giving up fizzy drinks just for his liking for coffee or disliking or a vegetable just because he hates it or beating gym stairs soon just to get Madonna-like arms.


However, if we see in the long-run, these promises fall down their face soon enough either because of lack of persistence or conviction or as psychologists would call it- too much drum beating about your convictions would make things quite inconsequential in the end.


Instead of blowing your relationship trumpet, endeavor at altering up few of the promises in order to keep your partner as a center of attraction. Here are few of the resolutions one must abide to in order to keep your relationship sparks alive:


Be hushed about your promises


The catch here is to keep the element of secretive mystery alive, without letting out what’s on its way. This is for the reason that your partner won’t know what is coming on its way and this will heighten his levels of curiosity. This will help you in attaining bonus points, while making your partner feel ecstatic about it.


Take charge, initiate romance more than once


It is something all partners desire for.


You might be initiating romance here and there already, however bring in a point to do that more often that you usually do. This will not only enliven the sparks in your relationship but will also help in taking away your partners weariness and you’ll end up making most of the time.


Gifts and more gifts! Who doesn’t want them?


Relationships are likely to go in a furrow when your regular gifts become more boring than performing your daily chores. This season, be it your better halves birthday or your anniversary day or any other approaching generous-gift-day – spare some thought or time to utilize it to its maximum.


To knock the emotion rightfully, trail down an inimitable gift- use your mind’s eye or insightful skills and bring out a unique idea.


The sensual approach


As the relationship grows deeper and fonder, a couple looks forward for more of physical connection rather than out and out wants.


Giving your partner ordinary foot or back massage can turn out to be quite beneficial (exclusive of being aroused), and thus other kind of touching and sensing’s will enhance.


Solving those nagging day-to-day problems


The golden rule to keep in mind here is that by putting in place minute problems, one can fix the huge ones. Leave aside the relationships giants- physicality, money and interaction- bear in mind to fix his daily irksome problems. Start by keeping your used towel in order as soon as you come out of bathroom and then go on assist his in slicing vegetables and so on.


Let the mystery continue


Initiate the mystery factor in your love life as well. Start by hiding few parts of your body while making intimate love with your partner. Wrap yourself around a dressing gown or a sheet or his shirt all round you, till the time it’s time to uncover yourself fully.


The climax, the eagerness, the anonymity, the oomph – are all the mixed emotions of a redefined relationship that often gets worn out.


Add your own insights to it, depending upon combined (you and your partner) choices and preferences and see the points which suits best in your relationship.  Now, we ...


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