Seasonal Spa Treatments

Updated at: Jun 23, 2011
Seasonal Spa Treatments

Beauty Treatments & Body Surgeries - Seasonal spa treatments are customised depending on skin type and sensitivity to certain ingredients. Seasonal spa treatments offer a healthy mix of skin moisturisation and detoxification for optimum result

Aditi Dasgupta
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Aditi DasguptaPublished at: Jun 23, 2011

A spa market can often confuse you as to what exactly your skin wants. Let this easy guide help you decide on the spa treatments on the basis of the seasons:


  • Let cocoa and spices warm your body delightfully during the winters. The fantastic blend of the aroma and the warm wraps on your skin is the best way to heal chapped and flaky skin during winters. Most often spa salons use spices and melted cocoa as a winter anecdote to beat the harsh weather conditions. The importance of the spices is to rejuvenate the skin causing a tingling sensation on the epidermis. As the cocoa hydrates the skin, the spices blend in to capture and lock the moisture in the pores of the skin apart from firming it up. On the other hand, the aroma of the spices is usually a stress buster. The result is a beautiful, soft and transformed skin. In spices, cardamom and green tea extracts work best when used in combination as a beauty treatment.
  • See your skin transform by opting for a facial with a combination of herbs, seasonal vegetable extracts and organic fruits. This is the best treatment for summer which moisturises the skin apart from controlling the active oil glands present in the face. This is also effective for reducing the fine lines of ageing. Some spa salons use coconut milk and seaweed as well along with the routine procedure depending on the individual’s skin type. Usually, this treatment is meant for all skin types.
  • Witness the most hydrating experience this winter with this spa therapy specially customised for dry skin. Nourish your skin with antioxidants present in a cranberry and pomegranate scrub with sugar crystals to gently scrub the dead skins away. A cocoa wrap session would not only detoxify your skin but also leave it unbelievably soft and moistened. This exercise can also be a part of your pedicure and manicure sessions.
  • Pumpkin spa sessions are the most soothing spa experience that many spas offer. Blended with the goodness of pumpkin and papaya extracts, see the season seep into your skin and leave you fresh for the rest of the month. The extracts are usually turned out into a soufflé that is massaged onto the skin with other customised extracts, depending on your ski type, over an 80 minute long session. The technique is to use at least two to three different colours of fruits on your skin to provide the best possible combination of antioxidants to your skin.


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