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Scrap snoozing at work and kill noon time napping

Office Health By Mansi Kohli , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jan 05, 2013
Scrap snoozing at work and kill noon time napping

We all might extremely feel sleepy right when clock strikes 12 in our office. The office desktop can take the shape of a devil staring right in our eyes.

Snoozing at workWe all may feel extremely sleepy and good for nothing right when clock strikes 12 in our office. Our bed may appear as a heaven to relax whereas the office desktop can take the shape of a devil staring right in our eyes.


And why not? Our boss is just not that generous to give us separate sleep times in our office. Hence, we have come up with various innovative ways in which you can buzz off your laziness in simple but effective ways. Here are 6 ways by which you can slash your crank up levels:


Munch your way to sleepness


Don’t just sleep on your laziness, you got to do something about it! Start on by munching something. Make sure you are carrying along with you a chip pack or may be an apple can come to your rescue. This will help in beating away the not-so-required clumsiness during your office hours.


Oddball your productivity


A study conducted by researchers at the University of Helsinki, Finland, and published in the journal Brain in February 2008, reported: "music listening activates a widespread bilateral network of brain regions related to attention, semantic processing, memory, motor functions, and emotional processing. Music exposure also enhances emotional and cognitive functioning in healthy subjects and in various clinical patient groups."


Go for a stroll


By walking or performing some kind of eye exercise you can beat away the languor and slothfulness that you might encounter. Just go around for a little walk or tea spree outside the office and when you will come back you’ll feel more refreshed and will be read to face the rest of the day with much more enthusiasm.


Walk to avoid postlunch droopiness


We all have given this a thought, haven’t we? We all enjoy sleeping for at least 10 minutes soon after our lunch in office. It is said that sitting all day can set us up for sleep apnoea- a condition that generally leads to daytime drowsiness. This is because when you sit for long number of hours in a particular position blood cramps up in our legs and knees. And later, when we lie down to sleep, gravity leads the accumulated fluid to flow to your neck, putting enough amount of stress on your upper airway that can cause it to collapse. As result mini-suffocations can leave you sleep dispossessed. To avert your risk, take a walk each hour.


Sleep to boost your productivity


A few minutes of afternoon nap aids in speeding up the method of long term memory consolidation, a study conducted by Prof. Avi Karni and Dr. Maria Korman of the Center for Brain and Behavior Research at the University of Haifa found. Professor Karni said that he is still unaware about the exact mechanism of the brain and related memory process but it is possible to speed up the recalling ability and in future they are also planning to do it artificially.


Just utter that alphabet


A recent study has concluded that repeating a key word or two can dial down your levels of stress. What one needs to bear in mind is to practice that mantra first during peaceful moments, further training your mind to link and co-relate it with relaxation. This particular mantra can be used for brief oddments or for longer times. This can further help you in cracking up your efficiency in work.

In the end, just make sure your chairs are not so comfortable that you sink in them for a minute of good sleep. Just keep yourself physically active also so that you can fully scrap snoozing at work, the most effective way!




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