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Sayfty Survivors’ Toolkit: Jagran New Media's Collaboration With Sayfty, UN Women And Twitter

Updated at: Dec 07, 2019
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Dec 07, 2019
Sayfty Survivors’ Toolkit: Jagran New Media's Collaboration With Sayfty, UN Women And Twitter

Jagran New Media in collaboration with UN Women, Twitter India and Sayfty will launch 'Sayfty Survivor's Tool Kit'.

In collaboration with Sayfty, Twitter and UN Women India Jagran New Media is, propelling "The Sayfty Survivor's Tool Kit", for the survivors of sexual violence in India. The two-hour-long event will be held on 9th December at India International Centre, from six to eight pm. The participants will include law enforcement officials, survivors of sexual violence, civil society organizations and youth groups and representatives from the Women and Child Development Ministry.

When we talk about sexual abuse, recently there were so many scenarios, treatments and reasonings, in our country, which were wrong. And adding to it, the harrowing questions harm the victim's recovery process. Let's have a look at the condition of survivors with some recommendations.

Mental Health of Survivors 

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Survivors undergo immense mental trauma and are made to undergo tremendous hardships. They have had to struggle to fulfil their basic needs such as hunger, contact with family and decent living conditions. They were physically and sexually assaulted and the provisions made to look after the mental health of the survivors are woefully inadequate.

Shelter Homes

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  • Many of the survivors were put in shelter homes post their rescue.
  • Shelter homes, which are meant for their rehabilitation and relief, are far from equipped to do that.
  • They are not good enough to provide for basic needs.
  • There have been more scandals in shelter homes, including suicides by women forcibly held in shelter homes, sexual exploitation of children and women, violence and torture on shelter home inmates.
  • There is every indication that shelters run with no transparency and accountability.
  • The shelter homes do not have adequate counselling to help the survivors deal with the trauma and emotionally recuperate.


  • Survivors want the bill to give greater emphasis on the agency and consent of the adult survivors.
  • No survivor should be forced to stay in a shelter home against his or her wishes.
  • Minimum standards of care for the shelter homes and must have a robust mechanism for continuous monitoring and evaluation by the government.
  • Provisions to ensure the re-integration of survivors in the community by ensuring opportunities for social, personal and economic development is important.
  • The rehabilitation of a survivor won’t happen in isolated spaces but in an open society.

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