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Safe Sports for Asthma Patients

By Gunjan Rastogi , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Sep 28, 2012
Safe Sports for Asthma Patients

Safe Sports for Asthma Patients— Asthmatics are usually not advised to participate in high-endurance sports, but with proper diet and strict medication, they can surely play all types of sports.

Safe Sports for Asthma Patients

High-endurance sports or sports that involve severe exertion are inappropriate for asthmatics. Their system cannot withstand long period of activity sans rest or breaks and therefore, they are restricted from engaging themselves in physically exerting sports, such as soccer, long-distance running, basketball and field hockey.


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Apart from these, asthma patients should also not participate in ice sports, such as ice hockey, cross-country skiing and ice-skating.


Being an asthmatic doesn’t mean that you cannot participate in the above mentioned high-endurance sports, however, you should be on proper medication and diet to play these sports. There have been many asthmatic athletes that are considered stalwarts in their respective sports.  


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Which Sports Are Best for Asthmatics?


There are certain sports that do not trigger asthma. People suffering from asthma may feel free to spend leisure time in such sports. Sports that include intermittent periods of break tend to be good for asthmatics. Asthmatics may play:

 indoor biking
 and gymnastics.


Is Swimming Good for Asthmatics?

Swimming, which is among the most sought after exercises for weight loss and physical fitness, can be performed by asthmatics. Asthma attack occurs in the presence of dry or cold air whereas swimming is practised in warm environment, thus it does not trigger asthma. For people prone to exercise-induced asthma, indoor swimming is a good sport since it is warmer indoors. Other than being a safe sport for asthmatics, swimming helps to soothe asthma symptoms. It increases lung’s capacity to hold oxygen, is a full-body workout and aids in the development of breathing techniques, says Wang Jeng-Shing, Taipei Medical University.


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Chlorine in the pools can be a problem as it can induce asthma attack or aggravate allergy. If you experience any difficulty in breathing while swimming, bring it to the notice of your physician at the earliest.


What Precautions should Asthmatics take?

 Never engage in sports when you are diagnosed with viral infections.
 Before playing, always ensure to use bronchodilators.
 If it is cold outdoors, avoid playing or use a scarf to cover your face.
 In areas with high level of air pollution, avoid indulging in outdoor sports.
 Along with being regular at your sports, practise must also be regular with the asthma medications and diet.
 Do not play for long hours, take rest in between and stay hydrated.


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Written by
Gunjan Rastogi
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamSep 28, 2012

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