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Rules a Casanova Must Know

Snr By Mansi Kohli , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jan 16, 2013
Rules a Casanova Must Know

Imagine when a conversation between you and her is over. And she reacted out of the boundaries of “obvious”. Now, you’re bound to think what made her react like that! Was it something you said?

Rules a Casanova must knowImagine when a conversation between you and her is over. And she reacted out of the boundaries of “obvious”. Now, you’re bound to think what made her react like that? 

Was it something you said?

Perhaps, yes!

Most men don’t have a zilch of idea when they do or say something wrong. Blame it on their ignorance levels or blame it on their over-confidence, most men don’t!

Women don’t need you to possess Hitler-like orating skills, neither do they want you to discuss world politics with them (which they might be pro in), they just long for a man who seems to give his wise concern over something and can stand up for his conversation other than games and orgasms.

So, here is what women would like to call as “men dim-witted comments” that can turn a fixed thing negatively- flabbergasted:

 Would you like to visit my yacht?

What men don’t understand is that there is a fine line between selling yourself as a commodity and putting yourself on a platform, says Delhi-based fashion designer Mandira Wirk. Bragging is what no women can take, even though if he is professionally well-acclaimed. No women would like to see his man proving himself to his lady again and again. “Yes, women do like successful men, but the understated the better, exclaims Wrik.


Where did you get those pants from?

When a man out and out asks this to his woman, she might think that her man is not straight. She might think that –“Oh! He is more interested in shopping along with me rather than sleeping with me”.


How about Dhoni?

Unless your lady isn’t really a sports freak, kindly don’t ask her about sports activities and it is better to pretend that sports is a non-existent commodity.  Make her laugh, talk about some other friendly topic to her, talk about movies instead of blabbering your knowledge and interest about sports.


Are you Chinese, Korean or Japanese by any slightest of chance?

“Avoid all possible attempts of multi-culturalism”, warns fashion designer Vijay Arora. No woman likes to be addressed as Korean or Japanese or for that matter Northie or Southie. Avoid taking chances with easily non-meaningfully-constructed regional and racial comments.


You must work out a lot.

No women would like to receive comments, especially when they are comments about her physical assets from strangers. “Save praises on her physical assets when you need them – for the initial stage just revolve around topics that are of importance to her,” adds Arora.


C’mon, Jub gib me thaf.


If you are drunk, avoid chit-chatting with your gal, as this can completely annoy her. Beer- smelling breath must be avoided. Coming from a man who is all drunk and can’t even stand up- is a big “NO”. It is different in cases where a woman mutually joins him in his drinking bandwagon.


Oh! She was just like you.

“In a current relationship, it is always necessary to show that your past never existed. No wonder, she is sticking around you because she is interested in you, not your past,” suggests Wrik.

It is always granted that women are not the easiest sort to talk to. However, they have limited patience and stamina for men who don’t get it- so follow along these lines of clue and be the one who dares to talk and talk sensibly!


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