Romantic Ideas for Married Couples

Updated at: Jan 10, 2014
Romantic Ideas for Married Couples

Relationship Help - Get some ideas to bring new spark into your married life. The romantic ideas given in this article will help couples relive their passion all over again.

Shreya Lall
DatingWritten by: Shreya LallPublished at: Sep 05, 2011

Romantic ideas for married couples may include candle-lit dinners, dates, games, long leisurely walks, get away from home.

  • Candle-lit dinners may be organised to celebrate a happy occasion for both, such as an anniversary, a birthday, or even a promotion at work. Reserve a table for two at the most expensive restaurant in the vicinity and remember to dress up for the occasion. Rent a limousine for pick and drop to make your beloved feel like a celebrity!
  • Plan a romantic picnic for both. Decide on a venue that you know. The sound of running water, a nice view, would be delightful add-ons. Sunrise and sunsets are good times for picnics. Spend time simply lying on the grass, talking to each other and staring at the stars. Wine, cheese and fruit will add to the romantic ambience!
  • If your beloved loves adventure sports, you may opt for the most appropriate one skiing, hiking, rock climbing, trekking, or rafting. The thrill of the adventure will surely bring two people close. Holding hands and screaming or even racing each other are sure shot romantic turn ons!
  • Romantic ideas for married couples can also include doing a hobby together such as dance, swimming, playing lawn tennis, or badminton. Do household chores together. Help your partner clean the house, do the dishes and cook for each other. These will bring a smile on the face of the person who may otherwise do these chores monotonously.
  • Take time off your busy schedule and plan a short trip. Book the honeymoon suite, order for breakfast in the room and stock up surprises for your better half. Share what the other enjoys watching your husband’s favourite action movie/shopping with your wife.
  • Another romantic idea for married couples is spontaneity. Remember important dates such as your wedding anniversary, the first time you met, your first kiss and most importantly your partner’s birthday. Celebrate these occasions. Make your partner feel special. Wish him/her, spend quality time together, dine together or cook for the other, give a much-longed-for gift to your partner and finally; relive the romance!
  • The most important bit here is to not get distracted by phone calls and other hassles while spending quality time with your spouse. Therefore, give the cell phone a rest and forget your worries for a bit!

It is vital to be such a caring partner. Showing concern, respecting each other’s feelings, and appreciating the other for whatever he/she has achieved, are critical for a loving, romantic relationship.


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