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Written by
Arka Roy Chowdhury
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 10, 2016

Revealing everything about eye boogers here

Revealing everything about eye boogers here
Quick Bites
  • Eye boogers appear due to the eyes being shut.
  • Stye is also a reason for your eye boogers.
  • Wearing contact lenses can also increase boogers.
  • An injury to the eye can also cause the same.

Have you ever wondered what eye boogers are and why they show up every morning in the corner of your eyes? Well, eye boogers essentially are a cluster of debris mostly dead skin cells and dirt mixed with the oils and mucus that form the tear film on top of the eye. Wonder why all that gunk does not settle in your eye during the day? Well, blinking bats it away. Since there is hardly any blinking at night, the gunk builds up and settles in the eye’s corner.



What causes eye boogers

Boogers that you see every morning should not be a cause for worry. But, if there is any difference in the colour, consistency and quantity of eye gunk, you may have an eye infection or disease. Some common eye conditions that are associated with abnormal or excessive eye boogers include the following:


  • Blepharitis – this is a chronic disease of the eyelids, which is either marked by an inflammation of the eyelash’s hair follicles or an abnormal production of oil from the inner edge of the eyelids.
  • Dry eyes – a dry eye is self-explanatory. It is a condition marked by a limited production of tears. Chronic dry eye can translate to a syndrome.
  • Stye – also known as hordeolum, stye is caused by an infected eyelash follicle. It resembles a pimple on the margin of an eyelid.
  • Conjunctivitis – pink eye or conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the conjunctiva (thin membrane that outlines the white of the eye) and sclera (inner surface of the eyelids). Pink eye is of three types, which include viral, bacterial and allergic.
  • Dacryocystitis – this is a condition caused by blockage in the tear duct.
  • Corneal ulcer – this is an abscess-like infection, which can be fatal for the eye. It is either caused by trauma to the eye or an eye infection which was left untreated.
  • Contact lenses – if you have observed or experienced an increase in eye boogers after wearing contact lenses, it is because of a lens-related infection. Contact lens can also dry out the eyes.
  • Injury to the eye – a contact of the eye with foreign object can cause injury to the organ and cause watery discharge.


Eye booger treatment

If the eye booger is just a small amount, there needn’t be anything to worry about. But, if it is of an unusually different colour, consistency and amount, you may want to check with a doctor to make sure it is not an infection.

Until you visit the doctor, you may use a warm compress over your eyes to relieve symptoms. If the eyelids are stuck together, you can unglue them by using a washcloth to softly wet the area. Place the wet cloth on your eye for a while before wiping the eye gunk away.


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