Get Rid of Irritating Scalp Zits with these Remedies

Updated at: May 15, 2015
Get Rid of Irritating Scalp Zits with these Remedies

Scalp zits are highly irritating and painful. If every time you brush your hair, it results in a scream, it is time you get rid of those annoying scalp pimples.

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Hair zits or scalp acne are a menace that may sabotage your peace for a long time. True that unlike face pimples, their ugliness does not affect your appearance but then you cannot deny the fact that scalp pimples can be much more painful. Each time you brush your hair, you are in for some real pain. Scalp zits are the toughest to treat because obviously, they are hidden under your hair.

Scalp Pimple Treatment

Who are the Common Victims?

People who have a naturally oil-prone skin or people who sweat a lot will fall prey to these annoying zits. You may have been told how the lesser shampoo is used on hair the better it will be, but rinsing your scalp with plain water will not remove excess oil. So, make sure you choose intelligently.

Here is a look at some treatments that you can do at home to make sure your scalp acne goes away and never makes a comeback.


During your final rinse after a hair wash, condition your scalp with a solution made from a tablespoonful of vinegar added to a tumbler of water. This will regulate your pH levels and eventually become less habitable for bacteria.

Anti-dandruff Shampoo

People with milder scalp acne can use this remedy. Even if you don’t experience dry scalp troubles, you could use an anti-dandruff shampoo to prevent outbreak of pimples on the scalp. The substances found in anti-dandruff shampoos like ketoconazome can fight fungi, which may be living on your scalp.

Scalp Pimple Treatment

Henna Powder

Applying Henna paste is grandma’s recipe for fighting all kinds of hair problems. From fighting dandruff to moisturizing the scalp, henna can do wonders in treating all your hair woes. Similarly, scalp pimples can be taken care of. However, you must stay careful with regular use of henna if you don’t want to add a reddish tint to your hair.

Avoid Oily and Heavy Hair Products

It is quite obvious—the oilier you make your scalp, the more frequent will be the outburst of pimples. Therefore, pick products that are labeled noncomedogenic, which means that they will not cause any blackheads and are completely water-based.

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