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Relieving Arthritis with Water Aerobics

Home Remedies By Editorial Team , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 02, 2013
Relieving Arthritis with Water Aerobics

Looking for some information on relieving arthritis with water aerobics? The following article may help. Take a look.

Man in a swimming poolLooking for some information on relieving arthritis with water aerobics? The following article may help. Take a look.


People suffering from arthritis generally complain of joint pains of the hands, fingers and knees. This condition is due to damages to the joints for which there are a number of causes; there are over 100 kinds of arthritis recorded by medical experts, among which ‘osteoarthritis’, a degenerative joint disease is the most common. It is caused mainly by trauma of the joints, obesity and age. Osteoarthritis cannot be cured, but one can prevent the condition from worsening - weight loss is a key factor. If pain becomes unbearable, painkillers may be used. The last resort is surgery; but unlike some other types of arthritis, knee replacement surgery is not recommended for persons suffering from osteoarthritis.


Osteoarthritis commences in the cartilage and leads to the two opposing bones of a joint eroding each other. It is most prevalent in the weight bearing joints of the body like the spine, the pelvis and the knees and is a very painful condition, which sometimes persists during the night, interfering with sleep. As it progresses, the sufferer is unable to take up any activity. Osteoarthritis generally affects the elderly, particularly women; up to sixty five percent of women may develop this condition in the later part of their lives.


Relief with Water Aerobics


Water aerobics is a way to relieve the pain of persons afflicted with osteoarthritis, by helping movement of the joints and improving blood circulation. Water offers greater resistance when compared to exercising in air, in addition, the buoyancy of water is useful in not causing injury to and maintaining low impact. The following are some pointers for effective relief.


Exercising should commence with a warm up session in a pool where the water temperature is maintained at a comfortable level - about 20 degrees C +/-3 degrees. Begin by sitting at the edge of the pool, putting the feet into the water and rotating the ankles clockwise and then anticlockwise slowly. This should be followed by entering the shallow end of the pool and walking in the water, followed by stretching exercises, such as bending the knees, arms and elbows and then straightening them. Warm up exercises should be continued for at least ten minutes before attempting the aerobic session.


People who can swim should move to the deeper end of the pool and swim as long as comfortable. Swimming is acknowledged to be a healthy form of aerobic exercise for arthritic patients and for healthy persons as well. Warm water exercises are recommended for pre-natal women. The buoyancy of water helps in exercising, takes care of the baby’s weight and the mother gets relief from low back pain.


Water aerobic exercises also help in weight reduction. Excess weight puts greater weight on the hips, the knees and the ankles, which increases the pain every time a step is taken. There are cited examples of wheelchair bound elderly obese women who have benefited from taking up aerobic exercises in water to lose weight and resume walking – they have ended up putting their wheelchairs and walkers away.


Aerobic exercises are strenuous and care should be taken to consult with a health care advisor, before commencing with a regime. Conditions such as high blood pressure, vertigo and asthma should be ruled out before performing aerobic exercises. Water aerobic exercising is pleasurable, decreases joint pains and results in weight reduction.




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