Relieve Stress by Walking the Woods

Updated at: Jul 30, 2013
Relieve Stress by Walking the Woods

Now new study reveals how you could relieve stress by taking a walk in the woods, it could also be good to fight all cardiovascular diseases.

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forest where stress could be relievedHere comes nature’s own healing remedy for you. New study has revealed that taking a stroll in the woods can be good for you as it can help you to manage stress, lower blood pressure and also help heart ailments. In fact one of the experiments by the researchers at the University of Essex had discovered that only by looking at the forests could help you to reduce strains.

Dr. Valerie Gladwell who led the team of scientists carried out this experiment on volunteers while measuring their stress levels and participants were asked to walk to specified “green environments” at lunchtime had a better sleep that same night. Then after eight weeks when the participants were checked upon, the blood pressure stress were found to have lowered.

Dr. Gladwell said, “The value of nature has long been considered to be advantageous to human health. Early examples of this come in the form of urban parks established by wealthy philanthropists during the 19th century, and in the gardens incorporated into hospital designs. Our research supports this, demonstrating an association between improved health outcomes and engagement with surrounding 'green space'."

Dr. Gladwell thus concluded that by encouraging more people to enjoy such great outdoor walks their physical activity level also increases. This could be a powerful tool to help them fight these cardiovascular diseases.

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