Relationship Problems during Pregnancy

Updated at: Jul 19, 2011
Relationship Problems during Pregnancy

There are bound to be relationship problems during pregnancy because of the changes to the woman and all-pervading ramifications of the coming baby. The best way to deal with the situation is to plan everything in advance and share all your emotio

Vatsal Anand
PregnancyWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jul 14, 2011

Problem in pregnancyThere is every chance that your relationship with your partner takes a turn for the worse during pregnancy. The best way to deal with relationship problems during pregnancy is to keep your partner involved. It would be a good idea to know the kind of problems partners usually face during pregnancy as it will prepare you mentally.

Some of the relationship problems during pregnancy are -

  • Women face prenatal and postnatal depression during pregnancy. They can begin to lash out at their partner with suggestions like “you will never understand how it is like”, or “You never cared enough”. If your partner is not mature enough to deal with the situation without giving it back in the same coin, there is bound to be strain in the relationship.
  • Physical changes in a woman with advancing pregnancy can lead to all sorts of problems. Women may think that they will never be normal again and men tend to feel that having sex at this point of time will hurt the baby. All such emotions lead to disenchantment with the desire for sex in the couple.
  • The impending and the current financial strain due to pregnancy can cause a lot of problems in the relationship. This is because the burden of providing for the finances becomes the sole responsibility of the expectant father while the expectant mother is focused on her pregnancy. Stress and conflicts can naturally arise. The pre and post natal cost should be well planned before planning to bring a baby.
  • The expectant mother takes centre stage of the entire family during pregnancy. It can at times make the father to be feeling left out. It can result in a feeling of disenchantment and attention deficiency. It is essential that he is involved in each and every little thing associated with pregnancy. You can enjoy the best moments of your life with your partner and help him do away with despondency or loneliness.

The key to resolve relationship problems during pregnancy is to share your emotions as much as possible with your partner. It will not only end strains and conflicts but also bring about the happiest moments of your life.


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