Reiki Symbols and their Meanings

Updated at: Jan 25, 2013
Reiki Symbols and their Meanings

Reiki symbols and their meanings - Reiki is a powerful medium which uses various symbols for the purpose of healing. These symbols and their meanings allow Reiki practioners to effectively heal other people.

Shubhangi Upadhyaya
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Reiki symbols are a source of higher level of awareness, spirituality and learning. They have the power to enhance the flow of energy in one’s life. They have resulted from the Sanskrit language, which is known to be the language of the spirits. Different Reiki symbols have their own specific meaning through which you can boast up your Reiki energy. They can be used for effective healing and one’s protection. The following are some of the Reiki symbols and their meanings:


Cho Ku Rei  - The Power Symbol


Reiki sessions begin with this symbol as it is used to connect with the energy that is required during the session. This symbol means 'Let all the power of the Universe be here' or 'God is here'. This symbol enhances the power of all other Reiki symbols that are used. With the help of this symbol you can empower various things such as your healing medicines, the machines and tools that you work with. It also eliminates the flow of negative energy from your surroundings. Thus, it is very beneficial for the people who are caught in property disputes or any other problem in life.

Sei He Ki - The Emotional Symbol


This Reiki symbol appears to have two alternate meanings. The first meaning is 'Remember Your Self' and the second meaning is ‘God and humanity are becoming one’. This symbol is used to bring one’s attention to one’s feelings and emotions. Thus it is associated with one’s own psychology. This symbol can effectively be used to understand a person’s emotional needs and to deal with the problems associated with it. This way, this symbol too helps to eradicate the negative energy that is present within a person and helps in the restoration of emotional balance. This symbol is ideal to be used against addictions, emotional trauma, frustration and jealousy.


Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen - The Distance and Mental Symbol


This symbol is known as 'The Bridge' as it establishes a connection between the soul and the body. It is also known as the distance symbol as it can carryout its functions effectively irrespective of time and space. With the help of this symbol, energy can be sent to a person who is not present at that moment. This energy can travel through time and space and bring about changes for the betterment of the situation. This way, you can treat a problem whose root cause lies in the past. Thus, it is a perfect symbol for karmic healing.


Dai Ko Myo - The Master Symbol


This is the most powerful Reiki Symbol which means 'Every man and every woman is a star'. This symbol helps you to establish a strong connection with your spirit and your higher self. Using this symbol, you can not only nurture your own self, but it also encourages you to nurture the people around you. This Reiki symbol provides an extra boost to all the Reiki initiations and takes them it to a higher level.


Reiki symbols act like a key that can open the doors to higher living. They also connect an individual to the universal life force and helps in channelising the energy that is present around them in the right direction.


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