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Regular sex can help you look 7 years younger

Snr By Agency News , Agency News / Jul 08, 2013
Regular sex can help you look 7 years younger

Now a new study has revealed that having sex could make you look younger by almost seven years, in addition to burning fat and releasing chemicals to boost immune system.

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Now you have ample reasons to make some more love, because according to a new study having sex on regular basis can take five to seven years off your face. This study by British psychologist, Dr. David Weeks showed that sexual pleasure could be a crucial factor in preserving one’s youth. This was reported by The New York Daily News.

The report suggested that making love releases the human growth hormone and keeps the skin elastic, therefore making it less likely to wrinkle. Dr. Weeks also said that sex released endorphins which are the body’s feel good chemicals and natural painkillers that could ease one’s anxiety thus making it easier to sleep.

The researcher told to The British Psychological Society that sexual intercourse boosts blood circulation and this is good for the heart and also gives your skin a healthy glow. Making love also means that you are burning fat and releasing other chemicals that bolster the immune system.

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