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Drink a Glass of Red Wine to Help Fight Cancer

Latest By Agency News , Agency News / Oct 04, 2013
Drink a Glass of Red Wine to Help Fight Cancer

New study by the University of Leicester have have proved how a chemical present in red wine can help to prevent cancer.

red wine to prevent cancerA new study has revealed that a chemical named resveratrol found in red wine actually helps to fight cancer even after the body’s metabolism has converted it into other compounds. This new study is an important development as this chemical is metabolized very quickly and can in fact still be taken into cells after it has metabolized into resveratrol sulfates.

The enzymes that are present within the cells are able to break down into resveratrol again, which means that the levels of this chemical in the cells are in fact higher that it was previously thought. The results showed that resveratrol could be more effective once it has been generated from resveratrol sulfate when compared to when it has never been metabolised. This is because the concentrations achieved are higher.

The research team led by University of Leicester translational cancer research expert Professor Karen Brown had administered resveratrol sulfate to mice and then were able to detect free resveratrol in plasma and a variety of tissues in the mice. This is a first as a direct sign that showed how resveratrol could be formed from resveratrol sulfate in animals. This, the researchers think many help to show how resveratrol is able to have beneficial effects in animals.

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