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Know how red wine helps in weight loss

Weight Management By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Sep 25, 2017
Know how red wine helps in weight loss

Know how red wine can help in weight loss. It has an ingredient called resveratrol which helps to maintain the metabolism for preventing unhealthy weight gain.

Red wine has been found to be a mixed blessing with regards to its beneficial impact on a person’s health. It does bring about an improvement in the cardiovascular functions and can help you relax after a tough day’s work. However, recent studies show that women who consume more than three glasses of red wine in a week are at an increased breast cancer risk.

Red wine has an ingredient called resveratrol (ResVida), which is a plant extract. A study conducted on 11 obese men who were given 150 milligrams of resveratrol supplement daily. They showed certain positive metabolic modifications in their bodies, such as improved blood pressure, better mobilisation of triglycerides and lipid, improvement in fatty tissue absorption as well as better sugar metabolism. 

As far as resveratrol in red wine is concerned, this sounds good, but what about the calorie content of red wine. Moreover, after having a glass, the alcohol in it can disturb your mental faculties and the ability to control your food intake. In other words, you can forget about having a healthy diet after drinking red wine, at least in some cases. 

There have been some studies that link drinking wine to, if not weight loss, but certainly keeping your weight in the balance. Some 20,000 women with normal weight were studied for 13 years. Women who drank a glass or two of wine daily were less likely to become overweight, when compared with those who did not drink. The antioxidant rich drink reduces cholesterol and blood pressure. The reason given for it is that since a woman’s body need to use up a lot of energy for digesting grapes, having red wine burns out many calories. 

Moreover, the study also indicated that the women who drank a lot of wine were inclined to eat less. It was opined that this is because wine made you savour your food a lot more. These studied perhaps did not focus so much on the ill effects on health of drinking wine daily.

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