Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery

Updated at: Sep 07, 2011
Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery

Beauty Treatments & Body Surgeries - Reconstructive and plastic surgery are two important procedures carried out these days for enhancing the looks of a person.

Pratima Sharma
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Aug 25, 2011

Today’s world is dominated by visual mediums. Looking good is extremely important and people are inclined to improve the way they look, to the point of obsession. These specific needs have catapulted the demand for cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures which promise to perform necessary corrections or improvements in the physical features. Plastic or cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure which is undertaken by a qualified surgeon and would most often require hospitalisation as well. The surgery is performed either to rectify physical distortions or for general improvement of physical features. In order to remould or reshape the targeted organ, the surgeon uses tissues from the patient’s body itself. Normally, tissues are extracted from the hands and limbs, although other areas are also considered suitable at times. Plastic surgery also incorporates reconstructive surgery.


Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery-The Difference

Although, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries are often considered to be quite similar to each other, some differences can still be established. These can be summarised with the help of the points below:

  • Plastic surgery is often performed as an extension of external cosmetic application. It is done to improve and enhance the physical features of an individual, enhancing his physical persona. Example of plastic or cosmetic surgery could include facelifts, nose jobs, and breast augmentations . Quite unlike this, the purpose of reconstructive surgery is to rectify physical distortions which might have been present since birth or might have been damaged or mutilated in serious accidents or mishaps. Cases which require such type of surgery include cases of fused toes, cleft lips, and permanent burn scars, to name a few.
  • Most often, a cosmetic procedure is self-initiated. It is the patient who is keener on attaining those perfect looks by going under the knife over and over again. Therefore, the onus of selecting an able and qualified surgeon and arranging for the infrastructural support, all rest with him. In contrast, reconstructive surgical procedures are often advised by the doctor one has been consulting. It is on the basis of his suggestion that such surgeries are carried out.
  • Whereas reconstructive operations are considered to be certified and recognised medical processes, cosmetic surgery is not. Therefore, in some countries, insurance companies do cover the expenses incurred during reconstructive procedures but refuse to recognise the costs pertaining to cosmetic surgeries. Therefore, if you are keen on a facelift, you would have to pay for it yourself.
  • Most often, plastic surgery appears to be a more favoured option for women as compared to men. This is probably because women are necessarily more obsessed with their looks when compared to men. This trend though, is fast changing. There are no such established trends predominant, when it comes to reconstructive processes. These are essentially need based procedures and are equally performed on both genders.

These are some of the apparent differences which can distinguish plastic and reconstructive surgery from each other. However, the surgical proceedings and the associated requirements and complications are just the same.


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