Reasons your Allergy might not be Improving

Updated at: Jan 18, 2013
Reasons your Allergy might not be Improving

Understand Allergy- Other disease, wrong diagnosis, not taking prescribed medicines and being careless about do’s and don’ts of allergic reaction are the causes behind your allergy not improving.

Vatsal Anand
AllergyWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jan 18, 2013

Reasons your allergy might not be improving

If your allergies do not seem to improve, it can be due to one of the four reasons given below:


Not sticking to the treatment regimen


People are inclined to cut corners when following the directions for their allergy treatment. For example some people allergic to dogs do not want to let go off their favourite pet despite strict medical instruction for it. It could be some other types of careless behaviour too such as missing allergy shot appointments, jogging out of home when pollen count is high, and the like. This is one of the most important reasons behind allergic condition not improving. People are inclined to get a quick fix rather than do some basics right.


Mistake in taking prescribed medicines


Allergy patients often forget to take their medication. They need to devise some ways to remind themselves of their medicine time. It could be as simple as making it their routine after brushing teeth at night. The problem of not taking medicine is compounded by the fact that even if you are a little off the mark, it will not have the right sort of effect. This is particularly relevant for intranosal steroid sprays. If you do not use it with the right angle, the whole purpose of using it as medication is defeated. The same is true for inhalers.


Wrong diagnosis


One of the best ways to keep allergy symptoms from showing forth is to get diagnosed correctly in the first place. People think that they can analyse their condition all on their own and this is very often the cause of allergic condition not improving. The treatment that they try is just not good enough or it is for some other condition. Sinus can be quite similar to an allergic reaction. So, as soon as you suspect an allergic reaction, contact your medical care provider immediately.


Other diseases


If you have another medical condition, it limits your options for treatment. For example the treatment for high blood pressure is such that it prevents you from using a decongestant for your allergic condition.  Since the treatment for allergies is not a one-fit-all, doctors need to be careful about the kind of medicines they prescribe for their patients. People respond to allergy medications based on their biochemical composition. That is why doctors may not find the correct treatment right away.


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