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Reasons why women fake orgasm?

Snr By Namrata Dutta , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 08, 2016
Reasons why women fake orgasm?

So, why do you think women fake it while having sex. Why do women fake orgasm while having sex. Orgasm is a vital part of having intercourse and when women do not achieve orgasm, they fake it.


What is orgasm?

Orgasm is basically classified as the pleasurable feelings while making sexual relationships/ having intercourse or in the climax of it. Orgasm is required to make a physical relation more comfortable and joyful.

What is faking orgasm?

During a research, Women of 350-400 universities have undergone a survey, where they accepted the fact that they have faked orgasm while having sex. Faking orgasm is basically the act of making sounds and acting as if one has attained orgasm. The survey has revealed the reasons why some women or men fake orgasm.

Reasons why women fake orgasm

Why do women fake orgasm? What is the reason behind women faking it?

For their partners

As per a survey, it has been revealed that women fake orgasm for their partners. There are times when men are not able to satisfy women and so that they don’t want to hurt their men, they fake orgasm.

Due to stress and pressure

Many a time, women fake it due to stress. Women know that men like it when women are satisfied but the fact is that 80% of women don’t achieve orgasm, which is quite common.


There are times when after a tiring working day, women don’t even feel like having sex and if it is taking too long to come, they just fake it, to get done with it quickly. Usually, achieving orgasm takes time and mind and body is too tired to wait for it, which are the times when women decide to fake it.

Phone sex

Faking orgasm during phone sex is quite common, because coming during phone sex is a difficult task. Faking orgasm seems like a good idea at that time.

Now, you know why women orgasm. There is no need to feel discouraged when you see your women faking it, it is a normal practice.
Orgasm is important while having sex.

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