Reasons why it is good to be sarcastic

Updated at: Dec 24, 2015
Reasons why it is good to be sarcastic

Sarcasm is usually seen as something that either useless or hurtful. But, a group of researchers believe that sarcasm is good for a person's cognitive abilities.

Meenakshi Chaudhary
Mind BodyWritten by: Meenakshi ChaudharyPublished at: Dec 24, 2015

Sarcasm, the unnecessary yet irresistible desire to indirectly taunt someone, is an art of disguising serious conversations with soothing and often humorous words. It appears that sarcasm may be a sign of good brain health.

How sarcasm makes you a better person

According to researchers, being slightly sarcastic can be a good thing for cognitive function. Surprisingly, they claim, if a person is unable to identify sarcasm, he/she could be suffering from brain problems such as dementia.  Scientists have found that sarcasm lives in the parahippocampal gyrus, part of the brain associated with memory. Having mentioned that, isn’t it thus, a good reason to be sarcastic? Heck yes it is! So, go for it, be sarcastic.

It helps to build interpersonal relationships

Sarcasm may also help you have a better social life with strong relationships with family and friends. Sarcastic people tend to pass sarcastic comments more on their loved ones than anyone else. They are fully aware of their sarcastic nature, which makes them surround themselves with those people who appreciate their sense of humour instead of getting offended. Besides, they appreciate people who not only tolerate their sarcasm, but also give them back.


It can make you more creative

If you are still not convinced with the benefits of sarcasm, here is another one. Sarcasm can make a person more creative. You may have never thought of sarcasm as a tool for anything more than expressing your anger or disappointment; however, it can be more helpful. During a recent study, researchers found that people who are naturally sarcastic can be more inventive. Out of all the participants, those who made or received sarcastic remarks did better during creativity tests. Researchers also observed that sarcasm can boost a person's abstract thinking.



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