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Reasons why introverts are best in bed

Snr By Namrata Dutta , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Aug 09, 2016
Reasons why introverts are best in bed

Who makes a better lover? Who would be a better partner in bed, an extrovert or an introvert? Let’s read and find out.

How do you know if a man is good in bed? Well, telling if a man would be good or bad in bed by looking at him is an impractical theory. You cannot measure someone’s sexual competence and capability with their outer appearance. However, you can tell a lot about a guy’s competency in bed by his behavior. Yes, a guy’s social behavior tells a lot about his behavioral pattern in bed. Someone’s sexual activeness, behavior and skills solely can be judged upon their performance in bed.


Who makes a better lover


It is a misinterpretation that men, who are extroverts, are good in bed but how is it really true? As it has been found that extrovert men are less shy to ask women out and have the higher chances of finding a date faster and easier than introvert men. However, some studies revealed that introvert men might be bad at asking a girl out, they are better in bed if they manage to get themselves a girl. The only problem with introvert men is that they are hesitant to ask a girl out, to propose them but in case, they have a girlfriend, they will always score higher than extroverts.

Who would be better in bed, an extrovert or an introvert? Indeed the question is a bit strange but an introvert is a shy person and is considered the same in bed while an extrovert, characterized by his openness to experiments make him perceived as a better partner in bed.

So, what are the factors that make an introvert a better partner in bed? Let’s read.



Undivided attention

An introvert usually lacks experience and that lack of experience makes them cherish the presence of their only partner. An extrovert has experience and after so many sexual partners, it becomes all about sex. While an introvert makes his partner a priority, an extrovert focuses more on the sex.



Partner’s satisfaction

An introvert makes sure that their partner is having a good time. They do everything to please their partners in bed while for an extrovert, it’s his satisfaction that matters the most of the time. A shy person would always make sure whether their partner is having a good time or not and would try their best not to hurt their partner. Introverts are always very considerate about how others feel and that make them compassionate while making love.


They won’t cross the line

They won’t rush or would not force you into anything. They know their limits; they won’t do anything unless you wish to. For them physical relationship isn’t about just sexual desire, it is much more than just physical intimacy, they respect the bond and that is why they respect the bond and would always want their partner to be comfortable first.



They know when to talk

Since introverts don’t talk that much, they know when to keep quiet. Too much talking sometimes ruin mood and silence sometimes can do wonders. Introverts know how to make silence work in their favor.

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