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Reasons for Low Sex Drive

Snr By Editorial Team , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jan 31, 2013
Reasons for Low Sex Drive

In a society soaked with sexual imagery, it seems rather bizarre that some people have no desire for sex. But it is a startlingly widespread problem.

Reasons for Low Sex Drive

In a society soaked with sexual imagery, it seems rather bizarre that some people have no desire for sex. But it is a startlingly widespread problem. Causing much heartache to the other partner, people who are disinterested in sex seem unable to identify the exact reasons for their lack of libido.


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Here are some of the reasons that doctors think are the common reasons for such a disinterest.

  • Stress: Doctors say that stress can be one of the most potent mood killers on the planet. “Work stress, family stress, financial stress, kids’ exam stress, whatever your brand of stress may be, it tends to all add up”, says Dr Asha Sharma, Head of department Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Rockland Hospital. And what is worse, it tends to crop up at really inconvenient times in your bedroom. So, the solution is to discuss with your partner what is bothering you and try to calm yourself down. At times of stress, companionship is far more important than sex and if it begins with companionship, the sex may eventually follow anyway.


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  • Medication: Many doctors have noticed that when people are on strong medication, as part of their treatment, they find it hard to get aroused. Medicines such as antihypertensives, antidepressants and even birth control pills have the potential to interfere with sex drive, arousal and orgasm by reducing libido. These medicines, says Dr. Raman, a practising therapist in New Delhi, act by flooding the bloodstream with serotonin, a chemical that causes the body to feel satiated. the easiest way to deal with this problem is to consult your doctor in order to find out which medicine or combination of medicines is causing the problem and certainly before taking yourself off the offending medication.
  • Relationship Issues: Often, says Dr. Raman, unspoken and unresolved relationship issues make their presence felt between the sheets. It is there that the true nature of things often manifests themselves. Especially for women, communication problems, pent-up anger, trust issues, a sense of a lack of connection or intimacy can all lead to severe insecurity that manifests itself as low sex drive. Solutions are obvious. Resolve the conflict.
  • Alcohol, smoking, drugs: All are injurious to health in several ways, and can have a debilitating effect on your sex life as well. Drugs and cigarettes can play havoc with the internal workings of the body resulting in, among other things, a decreased interest in sex. This problem can be resolved by cutting down on alcohol and cigarettes and drugs, it has been firmly established, are best given up all together.


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  • Hormone abnormalities: Dr Asha Sharma believes that abnormalities in the production of the luteinising hormone (LH) can be one of the causes of a lack of desire to indulge in sex in women. Other hormone imbalances could also lead to reduced libido. Speak to your doctor to identify the problem. Medication and therapy can help cure this imbalance very easily.

Reasons can vary. We say just open the communication channels, and discuss. With your psychiatrist, if need be.



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