Reasons for Hair Loss

Reasons for Hair Loss

Understand Hair Loss - There can be many reasons for hair loss. Hair loss problem occurs when there is a problem in hair follicles.

Each hair on your scalp completes a cycle of growth, rest and getting uprooted. New hair starts to come out from this root. So, you do lose hair all the time but the problem arises when hair loss is more than normal. There can be many causes behind the more than normal hair loss.


What Causes Hair Loss?

  • Male Pattern Baldness – Hormonal changes in men naturally result in hair loss. This is a hereditary phenomenon. The hormone responsible for loss of hair is dihydrotestosterone which is a derivative of testosterone. Some hair roots react with testosterone and produce its dihydro derivative which reduces the thickness of your hair till the time it can no longer be intact in the follicle. The thinning of hair can actually be felt if you compare your front hair line with the hair at the back of head for their thickness.
  • Excessive oil - The oil produced in your skin called sebum can clog the hair follicles on your scalp. This leaves no space for the hair to grow. If the scalp is not cleaned, the oil can grow into wax and this congests the pores. The result is that no hair is able to break through this wax build up. Some hairs may grow out but they would be so thin that they would easily fall out.
  • Poor blood flow – Due to poor blood supply to the scalp, the necessary ingredients for hair growth as well as the removal of waste products is prevented, leading to hair loss.
  • Postpartum hair loss in women – Some women start losing some of their hair 3 months after delivery. During pregnancy, high levels of some hormones prevent the natural hair fall explained above. After delivery, the hormones go back to their normal level causing many hairs to fall and these begin their normal cycle again.
  • Infections or Diseases – Fungal infections at the scalp can cause hair loss. You need to treat them with antifungal medication. Some diseases such as lupus and diabetes can also result in hair loss.
  • Medicines that cause hair loss – Blood thinners, medicines for gout, high blood pressure and heart problems, excess intake of vitamin A supplement, antidepressants and contraceptives are some medicines that can cause hair loss. If you are suffering on account of taking these medicines, stopping them can work to prevent hair loss.


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