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Reasons for Breast Tenderness You were not Aware of

Reasons for Breast Tenderness You were not Aware of
Quick Bites
  • Sore breast is a pre menstrual symptom (PMS)
  • Breast becomes tender in pregnancy
  • Wearing a wrong bra also causes breast tenderness
  • Nursing mother also face some breast tenderness

In females, breast development happens at the onset of puberty under the influence of hormone estrogen. While healthy breasts are inherent part of woman’s personality, it is also linked with the overall health of the woman.

Usually, variation in estrogen level throughout the reproductive years can cause breast tenderness. Breast pain also known as mastalgia is common among women. Here are some reasons that you can blame for breast tenderness.

Reasons for Tender Breast

Pre-menstrual Symptoms (PMS)

Some women face pain in breasts due to PMS which persists for 3-4 days. At this time some women find their breasts become much fuller because of water retention. If the pain in breast tissues is unbearable and remains for several days it might be a symptom for some other physiological disorders.


Along with nausea and missed period, swollen breast is also an indication for pregnancy. As the fertilized egg is implanted in uterus the body starts secreting certain hormones causing breast tenderness.


Hormonal levels are in flux during menopause, due to which women are more likely to develop breast tenderness.

Wearing Wrong Bra

If you wear bra of a smaller size you may experience pain in breast. Wearing a wrong size bra may put pressure on breast tissues resulting in pain. This pain is worse in nipples and surrounding areas.

High Prolactin Levels

In nursing mothers the hormone prolactin rules and ensures milk secretion. The increased prolactin sometimes causes pain in breast tissues. However, the pain disappears with time or when the nursing mothers stop feeding their baby.


Some women experience benign lumps in their breasts along with pain. These lumps increase in size with time if left untreated. This unusual condition of breast tissues may persist and the disease is referred as fibrocystic breast disease.

Breast Cancer

Do you know that pain in breast tissues may indicate cancer of breasts? Sometimes women do not develop any visible out growth in breast but the pain persists which indicate breast cancer induction. It is very much required to perform mammography by an expert to find the invasion of disease. Doctors also recommend tissue biopsy to trace out the spread of cancer.

Intraductal Papilloma

This is the condition when non cancerous cells grow in milk ducts of nursing mother and induces pain in breast. This may be induced by more hormone production or if a woman stops feeding her baby suddenly. The condition worsens soon as the milk produced starts producing pus cells in ducts causing severe complications.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Breast tenderness also happens in case of ectopic pregnancy in which afertilized egg is implanted in fallopian tubes or ovaries instead of uterus. This is an alarming condition and need to be treated urgently. Once the ectopic pregnancy is terminated the pain from breast is reduced gradually.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can significantly reduce the unusual reasons for breast tenderness.

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Dr. Manisha Rastogi
Specialization: Jun 02, 2018

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