Rapid weight loss tips

Updated at: Nov 10, 2017
Rapid weight loss tips

Rapid and quick weight loss tips: know all about the important tips that will help in losing weight in a rapid and quick ways.

Mallika Singh
Weight ManagementWritten by: Mallika SinghPublished at: Nov 10, 2017


People are introduced with numerous weight loss tips on a daily basis and rarely do they realise that these tips may not be healthy or sustainable. If you want quick fixes to slip into clothes you have grown out of, you may chose to follow a diet fad. But if you want to drop sizes and retain that shape follow these rapid weight loss tips that don’t drop your energy levels and are consistent in their approach.


Reduce the calories you consume

One gram of fat consists of almost twice the amount of calories present in carbohydrates or proteins.  Remove the fat from your meat, chose low fat meals, have a filling but a light breakfast, reduce the salt and starch intake and cut down a major portion of the calories.



Chose your drink wisely

Keeping a control on what you drink will remove a good amount of calories from your diet plan. Unknowingly we consume sweetened and carbonated drinks in our daily life. People also tend to chose diet or zero calorie beverages but essentially they are no better than the usual carbonated drinks.


Maintain a balanced diet

Ensure that you consume food items to maintain a balanced diet. Include fresh fruits and vegetables and don’t eat processed food products as they will invariably increase your calorie intake.


The Yo-Yo diet plan

Many people who lose weight have a tendency to put on the weight back. This fluctuation of body weight leads to lose sagging skin and stretch marks. It is best to make permanent changes in your lifestyle and enjoy weight loss at a steady but rapid pace.


Green Tea

Green Tea is credited to have anti-oxidant properties and polyphenols that contribute to increasing the metabolism of the body and helping you lose weight quicker. The positive effects of green tea have been transcended through the Chinese traditions and found a place in the modern society’s diet charts.


Milk and Water

Water fill not help you lose weight but it will fill your stomach if you drink it 20 minutes before your meal. This will prevent you from over eating thereby, reducing the portion of your serving and cutting the calorie count. Milk and dairy products are usually tabooed for people on diets but this strategy may back fire. Research proves that drinking low fat or no fat milk will increasing the calcium levels in the body which helps to burn fat.

Don’t check your weight daily

If you thought getting on the weighing scale on a regular basis and keeping a check of every 100 grams you lose will motivate you to follow a diet and eventually shed kilos of weight. You are wrong! Checking your weight on the weighing scale everyday will only confuse you even more and if you lose 100 grams, you may have the urge to eat since you lost some weight, nullifying the entire process of weight loss.


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