Can Rapid Testing Machines Provide Accurate Results? Explains This Public Health Expert

Updated at: Aug 06, 2020
Can Rapid Testing Machines Provide Accurate Results? Explains This Public Health Expert

Do you know the rapid test has a 95% accuracy rate and results in 50 seconds?

Tavishi Dogra
MiscellaneousWritten by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Aug 06, 2020

COVID-19 In India: As we all are aware that COVID-19 infection which started in the last month of 2019 and has now been declared a pandemic by the (WHO) World Health Organization. The whole world is dealing with an economic crisis due to the spread of CoronaVirus. Since February till August 2020, more than 600,000 deaths have been recorded in the name of Covid-19. The tool can detect the virus by Saliva sample only, using the Ion-Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technique. This testing is done in association with DRDO India. A Research scientist from Israel, Mr Moshe Golan said "in general, mRNA or DNA covered by capsid (protein) to protect the mRNA or DNA. The virus does not produce any virulent like bacteria. The virus has on its capsid attachment tools called spikes which are connected to capsid by lipid substance."

Dr Shubhank Singh on Rapid Testing Machines 

  • According to Dr Shubhank Singh, Public Health Expert "these kinds of Rapid test is very helpful in screening the vast population, as we are aware that we are facing the pandemic, because of this since the beginning of the year the world it has come to a standstill So these kinds of the rapid test is beneficial especially for those areas where there are less number of cases especially if we talk about India or other South Asian countries millions of people are living here this process where we are getting the reports in few seconds of minutes it is beneficial so that the person can easily undergo the screening and later on in case of any problem the person may visit the physician".

  • Viruses exist on earth for 4.5 billion years. A virus wants to replicate itself, and for this reason, it shall enter a live cell which has specialised replications systems called ribosomes. Once the virus enters our cells, it will be there as long as we are alive. Our immune system can protect us against virus replication. COVID-19 has the highest spikes so it can attach on the upper respiratory cells at a higher rate than any other viruses. This Virion test has a 95% accuracy rate and Result in 50 seconds. And if recommended, the further test can be done. It is especially useful for travel or opening offices & schools where a large number of people will gather it will help to screen at an early stage.


To renew the international flights without endangering the passengers and destinations inhabitants, Virion test can screen the considerable number of passengers with accuracy and within a reasonable price too. This can be done within one minute, and it is very fast – less than 50 seconds. The procedure is effortless, and the testing rate is up to 70 per hour. Where in with Virion Test Covid-19 virus can be detected in 50 seconds with the device having Ion-Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technique. 

It can discover at the early stage of cells destroying by the virus with the sensitivity of as low as 150 picograms. Also, as our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for Make in India effort, we are manufacturing the test Kits here in India. We appreciate the external Affair Ministry and DRDO joint effort in this landmark step of the time.

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