Rakhi 2019 Gifts: Promise To Find A Perfect Life Partner For Your Sister

Updated at: Aug 13, 2019
Rakhi 2019 Gifts: Promise To Find A Perfect Life Partner For Your Sister

This Rakhi 2019! Gift your sister her special one! Promise to find a perfect life partner for your sister.

Tavishi Dogra
MarriageWritten by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Aug 13, 2019

Who is the one person whom you fight with and tease endlessly without reason; the one person with whom you can be completely yourself without the fear of being judged, the one person who will always have your back; this person of whom you are so possessive, that you will allow none to hurt or scold them, not even your own parents!

Yes, we are talking about your sweet sister. This Rakshabandhan show your love to your sister by giving her the best gift. Promise to find a perfect life partner for your sister.

The bond between a brother and a sister cannot possibly be put in words. And there is no other emotion as conflicting as you feel when its time for this sister to get married. No-one ever seems good enough for her. So, how do you find a suitable match for her amongst these imperfect prospects?

We have a few tips based on extensive experience of placating many such protective brothers.

Define the basic criteria clearly

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This can only be done after detailed discussions with parents and your sister - both together and separately. These basic criteria should include acceptable height and age ranges, location, community, educational background, and profession.

Financial Background is important

It might seem discriminatory to judge a boy by his annual earnings, but in case of an arranged marriage, you must send your sister in an environment which is at least equal to, if not better, than what she is used to since her childhood.

Check the family background thoroughly

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Your sister is going into a whole new family, even if the boy is staying nuclear. She will be required to maintain these relationships throughout her life. Once talks reach a more serious level, she must feel comfortable with them.

Don't Judge

At the risk of sounding repetitive, we understand that no one is ever going to be good enough for your sister. This does not mean that you reject every prospect on petty excuses. Maybe your connection has informed you that this guy was a regular Don Juan in his college. But so were you and all your friends! People change, they mature. Keep an open mind while meeting the guys and their families.

Choosing the Right Matrimony

Do not be a penny pincher in the searching phase. Go for trusted matrimonies only, where they provide personally verification profiles. Give priority to those matrimonies who give priority to confidentiality. Your sister's biodata should not roam amongst people like a newspaper. Further, go for those matrimonial companies that provide personalized services. They are well qualified to understand your family requirements and suggests matches accordingly.

It's your 'Sister' who's getting married

Always remember that you can only give suggestions. It's ultimately her decision. Respect that, unless you have a serious case against the guy. Whomsoever she chooses, it's your duty as a brother to support and boost her choice.

(With inputs from Saurabh Goswami, founder of Ultra Rich Match)

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