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Quick Fixes for Every Relationship

Updated at: Feb 02, 2013
Written by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Nov 27, 2012
Quick Fixes for Every Relationship

Relationship Help - Being tender, turning off the gadgets and ending the communication gap are some ways of getting your relationship back on track.

Quick Fixes for Every Relationship

Every relationship goes through some sort of rut sooner or later, but successful ones are those in which the couples are proactive about getting it back on track. Never forget what made you two fall for each other in the first place. If you keep that feeling alive, be a little more experimental, the spark that seemed to be missing will come back.


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Tips to Quick Fix the Rut in your Relationship


  • Be tender – You need to make your partner feel special. Do not allow yourself to be too caught up in the rush and chores of everyday life. Never take your partner for granted, and find a moment at least once a day to give compliments and show that you care.
  • End the communication gap – Communication is the key to keeping every relationship going. If you find that you have not been talking to your partner without rushing it through, you have not done the right thing. You really need to get a good conversation going, i.e. listening intently to what your partner is saying, asking questions and even start dating once again. You need to be interested in what your partner thinks and feels.


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  • Come out of your comfort zone – The daily drill of your life becomes burdensome and contributes to the rut of your relationship. So, you really need to do something out of the blue. Since you are looking to end the rut, the something new can be a little weird too. But even if you do something as simple as going to a new restaurant, or a live concert instead of plopping yourself on the sofa to watch the movie. Take a walk in the garden instead of watching the news or plan a picnic in your garden.
  • Turn off the gadgets – Cell phones, iPods, computers and television should not come in the way of your relationship. It would be good to set aside one hour daily when you would have nothing to do with any of these. Focus completely on your partner.


If you take your relationship seriously, the daily chores of your life cannot come in the way of having a great one. Do not let the lack of spark confound you as it is a natural thing to happen. The tips given here can help to quickly get you two back to having a great time together.


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