Pushup workout plan to shape chest

Updated at: Aug 08, 2018
Pushup workout plan to shape chest

Pushups are one of the best exercises for full-body workout. Find out how pushups can help tone your chest.

Himanshu Sharma
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Aug 08, 2018

Ever wondered how boxers and wrestlers used to train when there were no fitness centres and machines? The push-up workout routine was the standard for resistance training. A pushup workout routine helps strengthen chest, shoulders and arms. All you need is a commitment, and not gym machines, for a fitter profile.

Pushup workout puts tension on your muscles that will help many of your muscles to grow. There are several ways to create a pushup workout plan to shape your chest.

Beginner’s push up workout

If you don’t have the strength to perform regular pushups, start doing them against a wall. Stand at a distance of a foot from the wall, with your palms against it at chest height. Squeeze your abs, keep your spine straight and bend your arms to allow elbows flair out to your sides parallel to the floor. Bring your chest towards the wall; hold for a bit before pushing arms back straight. Start with three sets of 10.

Beginners can also do knee pushups. Stand onto your knees and put your hands directly below your shoulders. To make your spine straight, drop your hips. Bring your chest towards the floor, bending the elbows. Start with three sets of 15. 

Intermediate push-up workout

Push-up on your toes is the standard push up. It is similar to knee pushups, the only difference being that your legs remain straight and your weight rests on your toes. Put your hands below your shoulders and back straight. Bring chest towards the floor but maintain a straight neck alignment with your spine. One must tighten abdominal muscles before starting their pushups.  This will ease pressure on the lower back. Work up to three sets of 10 initially. When your strength increases with practice, increase the reps to 15.

How push up workout helps shape chest?

The push-up workout puts tension on your muscles, help them shape and grow simultaneously. If you commit to the plan, you will see a muscular change in shoulders, triceps, chest, back and abs.

If you are not able to manage 10 pushups, don’t lose heart. Start with knee or wall push up, gain strength and perfect the form. For the sweat and pain you experience, you will reap benefits. It is hard to start and once you are motivated, you will go the distance

You may find it difficult in the beginning and may think “There is no way I can do this!” All you need is a flexible and progressive workout plan, patience and about 10 minutes a day to see a toned chest. With commitment, you can clock 100 consecutive push ups for sure. Start by doing just 5 pushups a day, and add one each day to the count.

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