Proteins pack a Powerful Punch

Updated at: Aug 08, 2013
Proteins pack a Powerful Punch

For men who enjoy working out, a protein-intensive diet can give them optimum advantage by maximising the input invested into strengthening the body.

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For men who enjoy working out, a protein-intensive diet can give you optimum advantages to maximise the input you invest into strengthening your body. Your diet should ideally be low in sugar and calories, but loaded with fibre and protein. It is also important to vary your intake of carbohydrates depending upon the time of the day because that can make the difference between the carbohydrates benefiting you or being stored up as fat in your body.


You should greet your new day with a meal that consists of high quality proteins and slow digesting carbohydrates. This is recommended because your body will need to stock up on carbohydrates after having burnt them all through the night. Carbohydrates are necessary at the start of your day because they energize your body enough to give you just the right kick-start. The ideal breakfast would be fruits with 100% whole grain cereals, or fruits with an omelette. Only for those who work out early in the morning, a strawberry and banana shake is advised; it is to be had half before and half after your workout.


Mid morning snack


Your mid morning snack should be timed to two hours before your lunch break. Having protein and fibre rich meals every two or three hours a day helps keep your blood sugar levels normal, improves your body’s ability to burn fat and reduces the risk of heart diseases by lowering cholesterol. Moreover, frequent eating also removes chances of binging on completely useless and disposable food items like chips or leftovers. Eating small healthy meals at regular intervals keeps your body’s metabolism rate working at a steady pace, as opposed to the sudden bursts when you have large meals after long gaps. Grapes, cheese and ham would be a suitable mid-morning snack.




Lunch has to be a high carbohydrate and high protein affair, with some intake of healthy fats as well. The proteins and healthy fats would help your body keep the glycogenic levels low. The carbohydrate helps control blood sugar levels and keeps the body in fat-burning mode. The recommended lunch would be a tuna sandwich and chef’s salad.


Mid afternoon snack


Your mid afternoon snack should be placed three hours after you’ve had your lunch. Late afternoon is the time that you should begin to scale down on your carbohydrates intake and proportionately increasing the amount of healthy fats. As the day wears on, your body’s ability to utilise carbohydrates for energy decreases and it is more likely to be stored up as fat in stead.  Scientific studies have shown that the steady increase in the amount of healthy fats, on the other hand, speeds up fat loss as the day progresses. Some options for your afternoon snack are cheese sticks and nuts, or celery with peanut butter, or a low-carbohydrates high-protein bar.




Dinner should ideally be timed at roughly three hours after your mid afternoon snack. It gets harder to satiate hunger at this time of the day, so your meal should be high in protein and healthy fats. These would serve to keep you full longer than carbohydrates could. Some of the possible food combinations are pan-fried salmon with broccoli and beans, or a meat loaf with green beans.


A couple of hours prior to retiring for the night, a before-bed snack consisting of slow absorbing proteins, like those found in dairy products, helps keep up a steady supply of amino acids to muscle cells, which serve to maintain muscle mass. Some suggestions are a protein pudding, or cottage cheese with strawberries.


If the food choices and combinations that have been proffered are not in tandem with your taste preferences, especially if you’re a vegetarian, then you could consult a dietician or nutrition expert to chart out an alternative diet based on the guidelines suggested here. The common refrain that should be maintained throughout the day in all of your meals is the steady inflow of proteins.



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