Pros and Cons of Home Daycare

Updated at: Jan 28, 2013
Pros and Cons of Home Daycare

Pros and cons of Home daycare - There are pros and cons of Home daycare. Ultimately it boils down to whether the extra income from doing a job is a good enough compensation for paying the costs of daycare and assuring yourself about the well-being

Rory Coen
Tips for ParentWritten by: Rory CoenPublished at: Apr 25, 2011

It’s a question that will cause you torment and anxiety for months. You might ultimately regret the decision down the line, but have you a real choice? It’s a problem that affects almost every family, because the cost of living has become so high that two paid jobs are needed to sustain a functional and equitable household. This article will aim to help you weigh up the pros and cons of home daycare.

Let’s analyse the pros of giving your children home daycare. For one, the children will ostensibly be starting their education, as they’ll be interacting and relating with other children on a more regular basis. This kind of interaction, away from their parents, develops their social skills from a very early age.

Their days are pretty structured and consistent, as they daycare assistants like to have a routine to help them get through the day. They receive plenty of mental stimulation from the activities which are put on for them and all of this gives them a grounding on what it will be like in pre-school and primary school.

You and your partner can continue to work full-time – or full-time / part-time, whatever suits – so your income won’t be overly affected by the decision. A compromise needs to be made to facilitate the upbringing of your family of course.

On the flip-side, there are the cons of home daycare, of which there are many.

What you are doing effectively is allowing your children to be brought up by relative strangers, during the impressionable, early years of their lives. All your children really know and trust are you, their parents. Are you happy with your children spending so much time in the day with strangers? The values that you subscribe to may not be translated to your children if they are being confused by others.

How stressful or tiring is your job going to be? You are going to have to prepare your children for the daycare centre every morning, before you head off to work, and then you’ll have to deal with them as soon as you finish. You will not have any down-time, as you will be going directly from one job to the other. How do you feel you will be able to cope with this?

You may also miss some of their mile-stone moments, like walking, running, talking or comprehending scenarios and situations. You might not be the one who toilet-trains them or teaches them how to kick a football, or bat a ball. You are giving this responsibility to someone else.

There’s a decision to be made, and ultimately it will come down to figures and budgets. What can you afford to do? Does the extra income compensate for the cost of the daycare, but also leave you feeling assured that you are getting the most out of parenthood. Are you putting your children or your career first? Let’s hope these pros and cons of home daycare help you make the right decision.


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