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Prevention of Spider Veins

Fashion & Beauty By Zoya Rasul , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jul 10, 2013
Prevention of Spider Veins

There are certain risk factors of spider veins that are unchangeable but taking preventive steps can keep the disease at bay. Read on to know how to prevent spider veins.

Those blue or purple colored scar like veins on legs or face can be more than a dermatological condition. To check it from getting worse or developing into serious venous disease, a know-how of spider veins preventive steps is a must.

spider veinsVaricose veins or spider veins are dilated, bulging superficial veins which can be seen and felt just beneath the skin. These tiny, purple or bluish colored veins appear entangled; almost like a mesh similar to a spider’s web, from which it derives its name. Although they are generally formed in legs, the probability of them occurring on face and other parts of the body cannot be ruled out.

Generally ignored as a harmless dermatological condition, spider veins are an indication of early stage venous disease. It’s prevention and cure is thus advisable for not only improving appearance but also to ward off the danger of a probable venous disease.

To understand what can be done to prevent varicose veins from happening, it is imperative to know why it happens. The major reason for varicose veins is weak vein walls or defective valves in the veins, leading to increased pressure on them and causing the blood to collect inside it.

A sure shot prevention formula for spider veins cannot be pointed out. But a clear understanding of its causes and taking some preventive steps can help stop it from happening and impede the existing ones from getting worse.

Like for any other disease, being aware is the key here as well. Studies have affirmed heredity as one of the most common causes for varicose veins. So if your parents or family members have them, you should be doubly cautious about it. Also, women, older people and obese people run at a higher risk of developing this disease.


Since weak veins are impending cause of this disease, the diet should be carefully watched. It should constitute of things which help strengthen veins. A low –salt diet rich in high-fiber foods should be taken which also reduce the chances of constipation, something which can cause or worsen spider veins. Generous quantity of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains should be included in the diet for the same. Bioflavonoid which is generally found in foods rich in Vitamin C is very effective in strengthening capillary walls.  Citrus fruits, red bell pepper, broccoli and strawberry are some foods rich in bioflavonoid.


A proper exercising regime enhances the blood flow of the body. It also aids in toning muscles. This can prevent spider veins from occurring. Simple but regular exercises like walking, elevating the legs while sitting or laying down (at least twice a day for 30 minutes) or cycling-legs-in-the-air can be helpful.


Crossing the legs while sitting should be avoided. One should also avoid sitting or standing in one position for prolonged period of time. Try moving around every 30 minutes.

Watch your weight

Obesity has been reported to be a risk factor for the diseases. More weight exerts greater pressure on the veins, especially those of the legs. Stay fit, exercise regularly and maintain your weight to combat this important factor for prevention from spider veins.

Quit smoking

Many people consider smoking as a major cause for cancer and lung diseases, but it also increases the risks for venous diseases drastically. Chemicals induced in the blood because of smoking causes blood to thicken and reduce its oxygen content. This in turn slows blood flow and blood pressure increases by 10-15 percent. It is important to quit smoking as it puts veins at risk.

Apart from these:

•    Practice good skin hygiene
•    Avoid wearing high heels. Flat/ low heel  shoes can help tone calf muscles which in-turn ensures easy blood flow through the veins
•    Avoid wearing very tight clothes that constricts the waist, groin or legs
•    Wear sunscreen to protect face from sun as it may lead to spider veins on the face.

Extra care for women

Changing hormone levels, both pre-menstrual and mid-cycle increases the threat of spider veins.  This is because veins wall is relaxed during this period, allowing it to hold more blood and exerting pressure on the valves.  During pregnancy also, there is drastic elevation in various hormonal levels, right from the inception of this nine month period. Volume of blood in the body is increased too. Thus, exercise, weight control, diet and muscle support, all can be combined as a multi-pronged remedy to prevent spider veins from spreading its web.

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