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Prepare simple energy drinks at home

Updated at: Dec 30, 2010
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Written by: Vani VyasPublished at: Dec 30, 2010
Prepare simple energy drinks at home

Do you feel weary, tired and sluggish, due to low energy levels? Prepare yourself these natural energy booster drinks. Drink them before or after exercise and be healthy.

energy boostersDo you feel weary, tired and sluggish, due to low energy levels? Prepare yourself natural energy booster drinks. They are quick, easy and highly nutritious. You can drink them before or after exercise, between meals or to replace meals when you don't feel like eating. These drinks work like wonders in summers…


Energy supplements are getting popular in the market day by day. People are including them in their daily diet as support system to fight against stress and pressure in their hectic lifestyle. But, rather choosing artificial energy boosters, it is always advisable to opt for natural energy drinks.  Most of the ingredients used for the preparation of energy drinks are common can be found in your kitchen. These drinks are not only source of instant energy but also increase stamina and strength. It is advisable to consume below mentioned energy drinks immediately after their preparation, for good results.


Drinks for natural energy boost


Banana and fig smoothie


Ingredients : 1 banana,

3 or 4 figs (sun dried best),

1 tablespoon honey,

1 cup water.

Method: Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix till they are smooth. Then, add a heap teaspoon of bee pollen powder for extra boost. Also, sun dried dates or raisins can be used as substitute for figs.


Benefits: Bananas benefit your nervous system; figs, dates and raisins contain natural sugars to boost energy; honey nourishes digestion and boosts energy.


Carrot, apple and honey smoothie


Ingredients: One carrot (finely diced);

half an apple (finely diced);

1 cup natural soy milk (unsweetened, unflavoured);

1 tablespoon honey;

ginseng extract (3-9 grams, liquid or granulated form).


Method: Put ingredients in a blender and mix till smooth.


Benefits: Energises, strengthens and invigorates.


Egg yolk and carrot juice


Ingredients: 1 cup of freshly extracted carrot juice;

1 egg yolk.


Method: Add the egg yolk to the carrot juice then mix well with a fork. Add 1/2 a teaspoon of spirulina powder for an extra boost.


Benefits: Carrot juice nourishes and improves blood quality which helps in relieving fatigue, egg yolk stimulates exhausted adrenal glands; spirulina is a super-nutritious vegetable protein.


Honey and muskmelon seeds drink


Ingredients : 1 tablespoon of honey,

1 teaspoon of muskmelon seeds powder;

1 cup warm water.


Method: Put all ingredients in a large glass, add water, and then mix with a spoon. Add ginseng extract for an extra energy boost.


Benefits: Honey benefits your digestion and is a quick energy booster; bee pollen contains essential fatty acids, amino acids and stimulates production of sexual hormones. Also, enhances digestion.

—Vani Vyas




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