Pregnancy Week 13 - Pregnancy Week by Week Development

Updated at: Jul 04, 2018
Pregnancy Week 13 - Pregnancy Week by Week Development

Week 13 is the beginning of the second trimester.  It is comparatively a convenient period of pregnancy. In the 13th week of pregnancy chronic symptoms such as morning sickness and fatigue also subside.

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PregnancyWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Jul 04, 2018

Pregnancy week 13 is the official entry into the second trimester. By now you must have started showing your baby bump. Besides this, the chances of miscarriage are reduced to minimal by now.  Morning sickness and fatigue that were experienced in the first trimester are done by the 13th week of pregnancy.

Growth of Baby in Pregnancy Week 13

  • By the end of the 13th week the baby is fully grown. The head is still bigger than the rest of the body
  • The baby measures approximately 2-1/2 to 3 inches and its weight is nearly an ounce
  • The baby will have its first bowel movement i.e. meconium
  • Intestine and other organs are finding their places inside the baby's growing body. For example the eyes of baby come closer
  • The bones are still soft and flexible
  • The placenta is functioning fully i.e. providing the required oxygen, minerals, vitamins and proteins to the baby.  In addition to this, the placenta also keeps the baby away from carbon dioxide and the body waste of the mother
  • A 13 week baby starts moving around in the uterus

Since the baby is dependent on your diet, it feeds on whatever you eat. It is not only that the nutrients that are carried to baby but the unhealthy stuff can be carried to the baby as well. So stay away from alcohol, caffeine and any harmful medication. 

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13 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms: Changes in Mother’s Body

  • In the 13th week you will notice that your waistline has broadened. The uterus continues growing in an upward position and the pelvic muscles are by now ready for taking pressure from the bladder. When the ligaments of the uterus stretch they cause pain in the abdomen; particularly the lower abs 
  • Moreover, you can also feel aches in your abdomen. This achy feeling and pain in the abdomen happens when you change body position, for instance when you suddenly get up.  Such pain can be reduced by being careful while changing body posture. Pregnant women may develop a condition called incompetent cervix, a condition caused by swelling in the cervix.  Incompetent cervix can even occur due to cervical trauma or congenital disorder.  At this stage it is vital for mother to take vitamins and plenty of milk
  • Since the body is preparing for lactation the breast size will continuously increase

Advice for Mother in 13th week of Pregnancy

  • By the 13th week you may notice the stretch marks on your breast and abdomen. This can be controlled by gaining weight at a slow pace during pregnancy. Consult your doctor for weight management during pregnancy.  It is not advisable to gain extra weight during the first trimester
  • Increase your intake of fluids and stay away from oily and greasy food. By doing this you can minimise the problem of heartburn. Light exercises are also helpful in keeping a check on heartburns
  • Although, it is safe to have sex in pregnancy, if you have a history of infections, premature births or miscarriages then it is better to consult your doctor

Pregnancy week by week is important for all to be mothers. it will help you keep a check on your overall progress during the pregnancy, and will also allow you to monitor the growth of your unborn child.

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