Pregnancy Week 20 - Pregnancy Week by Week Development

Updated at: Jul 11, 2018
Pregnancy Week 20 - Pregnancy Week by Week Development

The second part of your second trimester starts with 20th week of pregnancy. Your morning sickness is over and  you enjoy this stage of being pregnant.

Ariba Khaliq
PregnancyWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Jul 11, 2018

You are now right in the middle of your pregnancy. From this week onwards, the second part of your second semester starts and you feel that your baby is well on the way of coming into this world. By now you would have got rid of your morning sickness, the fatigue is lesser and the feeling of being pregnant for too long is not experienced yet. It is very likely that you will find out the gender of your coming child. This is often the best part of pregnancy.

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Symptoms of Pregnancy Week 20 – What to Expect?

The symptoms specific to week 20 are –

  • Trouble in breathing – Problems in taking deep breaths because of expanding uterus restricting the lungs’ expansion 
  • You should gain 8 to 10 pounds by this time. If the gain is more than that, contact your doctor before resorting to eating less or taking similar harmful steps
  • Stretch Marks become visible in pregnancy week 20
  • Constipation during pregnancy
  • Indigestion
  • Itchiness of Skin due to reaction from prenatal vitamins
  • Liver problems may be causing the itchiness
  • Anaemia is expected, especially in women who do not take prenatal vitamins

Baby’s Development in Pregnancy Week 20

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The baby’s development at this stage is very quick and the following is noticeable –

  • The baby weighs considerable and you will find it flutter inside the womb
  • Baby’s weight is about 6 and half inches in length and weighs around 11 ounces
  • Baby becomes covered with light hair called lanugo
  • Baby’s hearing is developed and he can react to your voice
  • White coating called vernix caseosa covering the baby keeps developing
  • Baby starts to produce meconium which is composed of lost cells and amniotic fluid
  • Pregnancy week by week - Advice for pregnancy week 20
  • Keep yourself mentally and physically relaxed
  • Anaemia is common at this stage of pregnancy and you should include iron-rich diet in your food such as dried fruits, wheat germ oatmeal, fruits like apple and guava, and vegetables
  • Cold compress and mixture of baking soda and water should be used on itchy skin
  • Cocoa butter should be used for reducing stretch marks and making the skin smooth
  • Do research on what is best for you and your baby in this condition. You can take the child birth classes that teach you about normal delivery, or consider C-section

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