Pregnancy Tips for Normal Delivery

Updated at: Jul 28, 2016
Pregnancy Tips for Normal Delivery

Our normal delivery tips will help you to keep cesarean delivery at bay. Normal delivery is possible if you take right care of your health during pregnancy.

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PregnancyWritten by: Meenakshi ChaudharyPublished at: Jul 24, 2014

Nothing can be more joyful for women than pregnancy and every woman wants to have completely normal delivery. To ensure that the pregnancy goes well, a woman may need some normal delivery tips. While every woman seeks tips for normal delivery, no one needs pregnancy tips for normal delivery more than a first-time mother. Since as a first-time mother has never experienced labour before, you may find it difficult to know if you are in labour or not.

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Birth is a natural, physiological process that a mother’s body can perform effectively. More than 95% of women are capable of normal delivery. Rest of the cases may be marked by some sort of complications. However, even in the most normal of cases, the mother needs a lot of support, encouragement, and above all, the correct information or tips regarding things such as diet, exercise, labour and childbirth.

Obviously there is no magic wand that can ensure a 100% normal delivery; however there are definitely things that you can do to make it more likely for you to have a normal delivery. It is common for first-time mothers to make more than one trip to the hospital as they are curious and anxious about everything related to their pregnancy and child.

Pregnancy can be an eternal experience for a mother with the joy and anxiousness increasing with time as the big day approaches. While it can be the best phase of a woman’s life, it may also be the toughest one as it may also include severe pain and discomfort. Several women are now going for alternative ways of delivery in order to escape the labour pain. However nothing can be as good as a normal delivery.

Instead for considering the alternative delivery procedures, it is better to figure out what to do for normal delivery. There are several effective tips for normal delivery which can prepare you for a safe delivery.

Most of the normal delivery tips usually concern the health of the mother. Keeping healthy and fit during pregnancy is very important for you, your child and the delivery. You must stay healthy and be extra careful about your health not only during pregnancy, but since the time you start planning to have a child. Staying healthy during the child bearing months is of prime importance. Besides maintaining healthy lifestyle to stay healthy, you can follow the following tips to have a normal delivery.


Dont stand for long

Avoid standing for too long especially during the advanced stages of your pregnancy. Standing will exert gravitational pull on the baby, getting it further down in your pelvis which may pose some problems during delivery.



Devour spices but with care

While eating spicy food during pregnancy is considered to facilitate normal delivery as it may cause a warming effect on the system, if you are experience nausea or heartburn, avoid spicy food during your pregnancy.



Eat labour-stimulating fruits

Fruits like pineapple, papaya, and mangoes are rich in bromelain, an enzyme which has a softening effect on the cervix. Such fruits are considered to be labour-stimulating foods, however, make sure you consume them in fresh form and in moderation. Avoid canned fruits as they lose most of the bromelain content during processing. Also, speak to your gynac about consuming these fruits and the time when you should be actually taking them, because if taken too early, they can cause miscarriage.



Walk for half an hour

It is recommended for pregnant women to walk for about half an hour daily. It will facilitate the sideways movement of your hips, which will eventually help the baby to position itself in the right spot for normal delivery. Regular brisk walks will also help your muscles to stay toned.



Exercise regularly

Labour is a physically demanding process. You would require immense physical stamina and strength, therefore, indulging in some mild cardiovascular exercises should prepare you for the labour. Adhere to a safe and low impact exercise schedule during your pregnancy, provided that it is approved by your gynecologist.



Enroll in yoga classes

Indulging in regular yoga sessions will also help you avoid any complication during delivery. Yoga helps in regulating respiration, heartbeat, and relaxing the system. You can also resort to yogic postures, which resemble pelvic tilts and squats. These poses will help in expanding the pelvic region, facilitating easy childbirth.

Your diet will also play a crucial role. Monitor your weight closely, especially during the final trimester. Eat a healthy diet recommended by your doctor.


Other common normal delivery tips

  •  Maintain an active lifestyle, with regular, brisk walking schedules.
  •  Drink around 8 – 10 glasses of water everyday.
  •  Perform simple and gentle exercises that will make your body fit and flexible, especially the pelvic region, to help the baby’s descent become easier.
  •  Listen to good music and try to be positive to keep yourself emotionally happy and stress free.
  •  It is important to put the baby to breast 30 to 60 minutes after birth.
  •  During the first hour of life, the baby is most alert and interested in nursing.
  •  After the initial couple of hours, the baby will become sleepy and more difficult to nurse.


Of all the joys and challenges of life, none even comes close to the one experienced when having your first baby. From the moment you find out that you are pregnant to the day you give birth to your child, you will experience many changes and need to learn ways to take care of yourself and your growing baby. These above-mentioned tips will help you ensure that you have a normal delivery.



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