Pregnancy Tips for First Trimester

Updated at: Jul 15, 2011
Pregnancy Tips for First Trimester

Pregnancy Tips - Since first trimester is the beginning of pregnancy it is important to be extra cautious. It is important to eat healthy and take plenty of rest. Find out more pregnancy tips for first trimester.

Bushra Kafeel
PregnancyWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Jul 15, 2011

First trimester is a very crucial time for pregnancy. In the first trimester of pregnancy your body undergoes various changes as it adjusts to your growing baby. There will be many hormonal and physical changes that are very puzzling and even scary for some women. Here are some important pregnancy tips for first trimester:

  • One of the most important pregnancy tips for first trimester is to consume 300 extra calories on a daily basis.
  • Start taking prenatal vitamins from the very beginning of pregnancy. Folates (folic acid), vitamin B and calcium are the important nutrients for pregnant women.
  • Eat plenty of folate rich foods. Dark green vegetables, melons, breakfast cereals, beans, chicken, beef liver and oranges are some of its natural sources.
  • Increase the intake of iron in your food with items such as beans, wholegrain, raisins and nuts. 
  • Morning sickness is a common pregnancy symptom that is annoying for most pregnant women. Increase the intake of proteins and vitamins to alleviate the problem of morning sickness. Another pregnancy tip to subside this symptom of first trimester is to get enough sleep.
  • Smoking can lead to miscarriage. Quite smoking as soon as you get confirmed news of your pregnancy. Even passive smoking is a complete ‘no’ for pregnant women.
  • Alcohol consumption can lead to several retardations and abnormalities in the unborn child such as facial malformations, organ systems malfunctions and central nervous system dysfunction.
  • Chances of miscarriage are highest during the first trimester of pregnancy. So take care of yourself. Completely avoid activities that pose even the slightest risk of falling or cause trauma to your abdomen. Amusement park rides must be completely avoided. This is because jerks and forceful landing can harm your baby.
  • Avoid lifting, tugging or pulling heavy objects. These strenuous activities must be completely avoided throughout the pregnancy, and especially in the first trimester.
  • Stay away from saunas, Jacuzzis, steam baths or bathing with very hot water as they can cause birth defects. Stop using electric blankets as they can be harmful for developing baby.
  • Pesticides can immensely affect your unborn baby so stay away from them. Avoid exposure to any kind of toxic products including paint thinner, fresh paint and household cleaning products.
  • Avoid over-the-counter medications, and consult your doctor before taking any.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Taking a nap in the afternoon will help you avoid fatigue.
  • Stay hydrated. Increased fluid intake will help you fight with annoying pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness and fatigue.  

By following the above mentioned pregnancy tips for first trimester you can progress to the later stages of pregnancy in a healthy manner.


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