Know Pregnancy Symptoms Month by Month

    Know Pregnancy Symptoms Month by Month

    If you are aware of pregnancy signs and know how your pregnancy will pan out every month, you would be able to prepare for it better.

    If you are aware of pregnancy signs and know how your pregnancy will pan out every month, you would be able to prepare for it better. Pregnancy symptoms vary from month to month. In fact they can also change in a week or two. There are certain symptoms most common in every month of pregnancy. Knowing about them helps you be prepared.

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    First Month

    You miss a period or start suspecting a few days before menstruation that you are pregnant. This is the result of ovulation, when egg and sperm fuse and begin their journey to the uterus. Take your home pregnancy test. If the test comes positive, visit your doctor to confirm it. Many women feel emotionally drained during the 2 weeks wait from ovulation till the time of pregnancy test. During the first month emotions fluctuate between overjoyed to fear of the possible pregnancy complications.

    Second Month

    Positive pregnancy test after missing a period confirms pregnancy. You are elated but pregnancy symptoms like nausea, vomiting and fatigue begin. Doctor or OB/GN calculates your due date.

    Third Month

    Second month symptoms continue leading to lesser desire for sex. Your belly is not protruding yet but your uterus will be above your pelvis by the end of the month. Size of your breasts increase and the areola darkens. You are always worried about your baby’s health.

    fourth month

    Fourth Month

    Since your placenta has now assumed the role of pregnancy hormones production, you feel better this month. Your heart starts to beat more rapidly as your body needs more blood at this stage. All women do not have heir belly outwards at this stage but some do.

    Fifth Month

    The baby starts to move. This is known as quickening. Your uterus expands enough to reach your navel and it begins to show. You will urinate more often as your kidneys work harder in pregnancy.

    Sixth Month

    Your baby moves more frequently and you can feel it easily. You might have heartburns. Small more frequent meals can avoid it. You may feel practice contractions called Braxton Hicks contractions. Premature labour becomes a possibility after the end of this month. Be aware of its symptoms.


    Seventh Month

    Your last trimester begins and symptoms like sleeplessness, backaches and others show.Your belly’s growth would be rapid from now onwards. It can even change shape and you might notice your baby kick through your abdomen.As preparation for child birth, your body will release relaxin that makes your joints feel loose.

    Eighth Month

    The fatigue during pregnancy is at its worst at this stage. You may have trouble sleeping at night. Take as many naps as possible as there are sleepless nights to come.You feel like urinating even more as your baby slips further down in the pelvis.You feel a lot more uncomfortable than before. Light exercise, yoga or swimming can help you get relief from the same.

    Ninth Month

    Your belly has grown very large, around 40 centimetres from pubic bone. Many contractions are experienced as your body prepares for labour. Your breasts are in their final stage of being ready for breastfeeding. They may start to leak.

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