Pregnancy Sleep by Trimester

Updated at: Aug 29, 2011
Pregnancy Sleep by Trimester

Know all about the various complications in sleeping you are bound to face in all the three trimesters of pregnancy.

Vatsal Anand
PregnancyWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Aug 29, 2011

First Trimester Pregnancy Sleep

  • Sleep inducing hormone called progesterone produced in the first trimester of pregnancy keeps you drowsy throughout the day.
  • The extra fluids in the body necessitate visiting the loo more often. Progesterone is needed to regulate the reproductive cycle in the body but it does make you feel sleepy throughout the day.
  • The effect of this hormone on your work throughout the day is very taxing. You will feel like taking part in a marathon while sitting down to work. It may feel as if you were going to have flu soon.
  • The flu-like condition combined with the need to keep visiting the loo makes it very tiresome and irritating for women.
  • Sleep at night gets disturbed and this adds to the fatigue felt during the day.
  • Tender breasts disrupt sleep as they do not allow you to have a comfortable position. This is the right time to get yourself used to sleeping on your left side. This helps in improving blood flow to the foetus and the body to remove waste and fluids.

Second Trimester Pregnancy Sleep

  • The surge of progesterone in the first trimester has abated though not done away with completely. This will allow you to sleep better at night and have more energy during the day.
  • Morning sickness would have subsided by now.
  • This is a good time to inculcate good sleeping habits if not done already. Sleeping on your left side, relaxing bedtime routine, regular sleep schedule and getting rid of television from your room are some useful sleep habits to form during pregnancy.
  • In the second trimester, sleeping problems such as congestion and snoring, leg cramps, restless legs syndrome and having vivid dreams are common. Consult with your doctor about these health concerns.

Third Trimester Pregnancy Sleep

  • Your belly is too large to allow you sound sleep at this stage. Even sleeping on the left side may not make you comfortable now. 
  • Try sleeping with pillows between your legs. If even this does not make your comfortable, sleeping on a recliner which props you up might be needed.
  • Your increased visits to the bathroom of the first trimester come to trouble you again, as your baby puts pressure on your bladder.
  • Baby kicks, restless legs syndrome, leg cramps and heartburn do not allow you to sleep soundly at night.





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