7 Easy Pregnancy Exercises That Will Help You to Ease Labour

Updated at: Oct 23, 2013
7 Easy Pregnancy Exercises That Will Help You to Ease Labour

Pregnancy exercises can help by to ease labour pain.  Prenatal yoga, walking, pelvic tilts and swimming are some of the exercises that must be done during pregnancy.

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PregnancyWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Jul 24, 2013

Pregnancy exercises can help you make way to smooth labour. Since pregnancy is a crucial time, it is essential to do the exercises in professional supervision. If you have done right exercises throughout your pregnancy, they will help to reduce pain during labour.

Expectant mom meditating for smooth labour

Pelvic Tilts

Pelvic tilts are best choice when it comes to pregnancy exercises for labour. They help to ease labour pain by strengthening your abdominal muscles and keeping you fit during pregnancy.  You can do this exercise as many times as you feel like but ensure that you are comfortable while doing it. Immediately stop when you feel uncomfortable.

They can be done either while lying on floor or by standing with back against the wall. Standing position is better for pregnant women who are not comfortable on their backs.


Prenatal Yoga

Yoga during pregnancy is an excellent way of strengthening muscles and preparing them for labour. But you must ensure to get assistance from a professional or get enrolled in the pregnancy program specially designed for pregnant women. Remember that each trimester has different limitations that must be taken care of.



Another pregnancy exercise that helps in labour is swimming. It is considered the perfect exercise for pregnant women as it facilitates freedom of movement. Unlike bicycling there is no danger involved in swimming. You can get enrolled with the fitness centres that offer prenatal water aerobics for strengthening the abdominal muscles.



Cycling is yet another way of strengthening abdominal muscles but is considered to be dangerous towards the end of pregnancy. It is because displacement of body weight during pregnancy can result in losing balance and falling fromthe cycle.



Walking is an effective exercise to ease labour. If you are not accustomed to cardio exercises then start with a slow walk for smaller time durations. You can start with 10 to 15 minutes walk per day and increase its pace and duration when your body allows you to.



Squatting is an effective way of preparing your body for child birth and smooth labour. Squatting helps to strengthen your thighs while opening up your pelvis.

  • Stand next to a chair with feet and hip width apart and toes pointing outwards.
  • Now gently contract your abdominal muscle, lift your chest and relax your shoulders. If required, you can hold chair for balance. Lower your tailbone towards floor as if you are sitting on a chair.
  • Come back to standing position while taking deep breath and then exhaling.


Tailor's Pose

Tailor’s pose is an excellent pregnancy exercise to help labour; it loosen hips and open pelvic muscles. Besides this, with tailor’s pose you ease tension in your lower back during pregnancy.

  • Sit against a wall with the sole of your feet touching each other.
  • Press your knees up and down without forcing them much.
  • Be in the position till you are comfortable. 


No one can reliably predict how your labor will progress. Fortunately, there are a few exercises you can do now to help prepare your body for what's to come.


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