Pregnancy Exercises for Second Trimester

Updated at: Aug 08, 2011
Pregnancy Exercises for Second Trimester

Second Trimester Exercises – The most suitable pregnancy exercises for second trimester give your body enough workout to get rid of pregnancy blues and aid in baby’s growth at the same time. The watchword is maintaining good fitness wi

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PregnancyWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jun 03, 2011

The schedule for exercises during second trimester is different to that of the first. The second trimester is a sort of relief from the initial complications of pregnancy and you begin to enjoy it. Second trimester exercises have a positive effect on the mother as it helps her in getting more energy, relieving backaches,  cramps in the legs and breathlessness. The exercises also has positive effects on the baby – it stimulates him and prepares for the physical exertion expected in labour.

Second Trimester Exercises helps the mother in preventing dropped uterus, keeping intact good muscle tone of abdomen and vagina, prevention of urinary incontinence and nagging lower back pain. The mother needs to stay fit and she is helped in it by some exercises. 


Supported Bridge

  • Lay down on the floor with a pillow below your head. You also need to support the small of your back with a towel or blanket curled under it. Make yourself comfortable in this position and make sure that your hips are touching the floor firmly. Now, place your hands on your hips and allow yourself few natural breaths to get your body relaxed, especially the torso.
  • Exhale and inhale for 5 times after placing your arms gently over your heads in a relaxed position. Relax once more into the original position while letting go of all tension. Do this for 5 minutes.


The Flapping Fish Pose (Matsya Kridasan)

Lie on your stomach and place your fingers beneath your head and interlocked in that position. Now you are lying erect. Bend the left so as to bring the knee towards the ribs. Keep the right leg straight while doing this. You also need to synchronise this with your arms movement. Swivel the arms towards the left to rest the left elbow on the left knee. You might want to rest the arms on the floor if it is not comfortable to touch the knees. Using a pillow for supporting bent knee and head can make this practice much more convenient.

You want to achieve a tolerable level of fitness during pregnancy depending on its stage. The exercises best suited for second trimester have been given above. They give the body good exercise without undue exertion. You may also resort to simple moderate exercises like walking or swimming for 20 minutes daily or 30 minutes three times a week. Even these may work best during pregnancy second trimester.


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