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Possible Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

Miscellaneous By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Mar 08, 2013
Possible Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

One of the most apparent warning signs of breast cancer is breast lumpiness that is hard and unusual. Find out other warning signs of breast cancer, here.

Possible Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

With breast cancer spreading across different countries at a fast pace, there is a heightening concern about whether one is susceptible to the harsh medical condition or not. Breast cancer may not necessarily have any symptoms in the beginning unless it has advanced to a certain irreversible stage. A lump is the most obvious symptom of breast cancer though it is too small initially to even be felt. If you are the kind, who make timely visits to a doctor, breast cancer may get detected when randomly checking for other medical problems.


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Some of the warning signs of breast cancer include:

  • swelling of an entire breast or a part of it
  • dimpling or skin irritation
  • nipple pain
  • nipple turning inward
  • breast pain
  • thickening of the nipple or the breast skin, redness or scaliness
  • nipple discharge that is not breast milk and
  • lump in the underarm area


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If you have noticed any of these symptoms already, you may not necessarily be suffering from breast cancer, but any other disease or minor medical condition. Whatever the cause may be, if you do spot a change in either breast, you must consult a doctor immediately.

Most women in their 20s opt for self-exam, which is not recommended by medical organisations because of the lack of an accurate diagnosis that self-exam boils down to. It is important for doctors to discuss the pros and cons of self-exam to their patients irrespective of whether they have breast cancer or not.

Breast lumpiness may be one of the warning signs of breast cancer, but it normally is a little bumpy and therefore, a woman must be able to differentiate between what is normal bumpiness and what may be breast cancer. If the lumpiness in one breast is similar to that in the other, you are probably normal. Observe for lumps that feel different or harder than the other breast. If you think you have a lump that is hard and suspect that it possibly is cancer, consult a doctor. The hard lump may as well be a sign of benign breast cancer.

If you are not sure about self-examining and are wondering whether you must show yourself to your doctor, go ahead. Although, a lump may not be something to worry greatly about, you will be satisfied to have got yourself checked with a doctor.


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