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Portion Control for Weight Loss

Updated at: Apr 22, 2013
Portion Control for Weight Loss

Portion control for weight loss: Portion control is the most important aspect of managing your food intake. With some tips given here, it can prove to be very easy if you have been having problems in it.

Written by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Aug 03, 2012

Portion Control for Weight Loss

Controlling your portion size may not be as hard as you think. You just need to find ways cut calories without giving up entirely the foods that appeal to your palate. Whatever you do, sucees would ultimately boil down to your commitment to weight loss. But with some tips given here, managing your portion size and servings would be easier for you.


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Have half of what you usually eat – If you are fond of having one pack of chips, have just half of it. If you feel like having it again, do not reach for your pack again but have carrot sticks instead. If you still feel hungry, keep a fruit handy. In this way try to replace all cooked food with raw fruits and vegetables. Cooked food takes longer to digest while raw fruits and veggies contain more of fibre which keeps you feeling full for longer.


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  • Restaurant eating tips – When dining at a restaurant, ask the waiter to keep a take-out container ready on your table. When your order arrives, put half of it in the container. This would prevent you from overeating. Avoid the meal upgrade offers at fast food joints. No matter how tempting the deal may be, resist the urge of taking it.
  • Have larger servings – If the serving size of your chips or any other junk is small but you have a pack of it ready to refill, it proves to be a disaster for your weight loss plan. Refer to the nutrition label on the pack to learn more about the serving size and its calories. Often people are surprised by the serving size after they have measured it. Having a larger serving and being conscious of it helps to avoid taking the second. Having many small servings tends to make you eat more. But if buying more of a junk food makes you eat more, avoid it. If a full bag of chips with you tempts you to have all of it, resolve to buy the smaller size.
  • Avoid buffets – If you or anyone in your family is fond of taking buffet offers, get rid of the habit as soon as possible. You are able to control your cravings when having a meal in a restaurant, but it is next to impossible to do it when in a buffet setting. When you are in a situation in which you can have as much as you like, it gets the better of the best of us, leave alone people trying to control their portion.


The tips given here can help in your effort of weight loss by making it easier for you to portion control. Success would depend on your resolve.


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