6 Health Benefits Of Pomegranate Tree Leaves

Updated at: Jul 07, 2020
6 Health Benefits Of Pomegranate Tree Leaves

Pomegranate leaf juice is useful in treating diarrhoea and intestinal problems, including dysentery.

Tavishi Dogra
Healthy DietWritten by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jul 07, 2020

Pomegranate leaf health benefits: The scientific name of the pomegranate plant is Punica granatum, which is known for its delicious and medicinal fruits. The leaves of the pomegranate plant are small and smooth and also have medicinal properties. Every part derived from pomegranate plant can be used medicinally whether it is pomegranate leaves, flowers, fruit, peels or bark etc. Do you know that pomegranate leaves are used to treat jaundice, diarrhoea, stomach pain, insomnia etc.? Let's see the health benefits of pomegranate leaves.

  • Manage cough and cold: Use of pomegranate leaves for cough helps increase immunity and treat cough and cold. If suffering from cold and cough, then make a decoction of pomegranate leaves. For this, please take a few pomegranate leaves and boil them in water (after washing them properly). Drink this water twice a day. It can help remove the infection present in your throat while relieving cough.
  • Relieve insomnia: Pomegranate leaves are useful herbs to treat insomnia. Make a paste of about 3 grams of fresh pomegranate leaves and boil it in 200 ml of water. Boil this water thoroughly until the liquid is reduced to 50ml. Drink this mixture before sleeping at night. This will help you get a good sleep. Pomegranate leaves in this way can give you health benefits by treating insomnia.
  • For eczema: Chronic itchy skin is also known as dermatitis. However, the disease is a medical symptom known as inflammation and small skin rash. But do you know, to cure disease, you can use pomegranate leaves? For this, make a paste of pomegranate leaves and apply it on the affected area. This can also relieve you of eczema symptoms.

  • Get rid of pimples: Pomegranate leaves can quickly get rid of you with blisters. Apply its paste or grind the pomegranate seeds and apply it on the pimples. You will get benefit from this. Pomegranate juice is an excellent toner, which closes the pores and makes your skin beautiful.
  • Beneficial in ear pain: Pomegranate leaves are also helpful for ear pain. After washing its leaves thoroughly, grind it and mix some quantity of sesame or mustard. You will be benefitted by putting a few drops of this mixture in your ear.
  • Treat stomach pain and diarrhoea: Pomegranate leaves are beneficial for the digestion process. If you suffer from stomach ache and other problems related to it, then pomegranate leaves can be consumed as medicine. The nutrients and minerals present in them help stimulate digestion, with which your body gets enough energy, as well as it can remove the troubles of indigestion and diarrhoea. For this, you can take tea of pomegranate leaves. Apart from this, you can also take the capsule and other medicines made from pomegranate leaves. Pomegranate leaf juice should be consumed to treat diarrhoea. For this, mix juice of pomegranate leaves with pomegranate juice and drink it.

  • Medicinal Use of Pomegranate Leaves: Anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties present in pomegranate leaves help in eliminating the bacteria present in the mouth. In this way, you can use juice made from pomegranate leaves to treat ulcers in your mouth.
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