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Poisonous foods we should not eat even by mistake

Poisonous foods we should not eat even by mistake
Quick Bites
  • Some foods may contain toxins.
  • Such foods should only be taken in small amounts.
  • Consult your doctor if you feel sick after eating such a food.

Although fruits and vegetables that we eat on regular basis are not poisonous or toxic, do you know that there could be situations where they could turn poisonous? Shocked to know that? We were too. So, how does your healthy food turn into poisonous one? Let’s understand this with a simple example of potatoes.


We all buy potatoes and store them at home. Sometimes, there are sprouts on potatoes that we tend to cut off from the potato and use the remaining parts of the potato. But did you know you should not be using potatoes that have sprouts grown on them, not even after separating the sprouts from the potato because such potatoes are said to contain poison? Also, you should not use potatoes that have turned green because they are said to contain a poison known as glycoalkaloid. Just like potatoes, there are other vegetables too that are said to contain poisons or toxins that are harmful to you.





All of us know that almonds contain healthy fats, vitamin E and fiber but what many people don’t know is that almonds you buy from the store contain a small amount of cyanide in them. Although, it’s not enough to poison you, but the consumption of bitter almonds may have some ill effects on your health. Therefore, it is best that you consume them in moderate amounts. You should immediately seek medical help if you suspect cyanide poisoning.



Have you ever accidentally swallowed seeds of cherries? Be careful next time you eat this fruit because the seeds of cherries are said to contain hydrogen cyanide. So, eating the seeds may be dangerous.



No, tomatoes aren't poisonous but their stems and leaves are as they contain glycoalkaloid. So, make sure that you cut the stems and leaves from the tomatoes before eating them.



Did you know your favourite cassava also contains cyanide?  If it isn't soaked, dried or cooked properly, it may affect your health drastically.



Did you know some mushrooms can make you sick? Yes, that’s because all mushrooms are not healthy. Some varieties of mushrooms contain poisons. Consult a nutritionist if you wish to select healthy non-poisonous mushrooms.



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Written by
Meenakshi Chaudhary
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamJul 03, 2017

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