Play Hockey and Tennis to Stay Fit

Updated at: Jul 30, 2012
Play Hockey and Tennis to Stay Fit

Play Hockey and Tennis to Stay Fit: This Olympic season learn how Hockey and Tennis can be your guide to fitness. Is it hockey's swift and flexible dribble or the challenge of smashing that perfect service that intrigues you?

Arka Roy Chowdhury
Sports and FitnessWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Jul 27, 2012

Play Hockey and Tennis to Stay Fit



The national game of India was once epitomised by ‘the wizard’, Major Dhyan Chand. Now in a few days’ time India will begin their journey for Hockey Gold medal in the London Summer Olympics.


Is there a streak of that wizard thing hidden in you? Can you make field hockey your path to a fit and healthy life? Find out yourself if you wish to play hockey for a fitter and healthier you!


Reducing Body Fat – Field hockey being a very aerobic sport helps you achieve a healthy body. Because hockey is a fast paced game, a player is successful in shedding the excess fat. It has been found that each player loses an approximate number of 0.061 calories per pound, per minute. A lot of energy is required to play this game since the player is required to be actively running the entire play ground. Therefore, it is safe to say that hockey helps in developing a lean body.

Improved Strength - The ham- strings, the calf muscles, the core muscles and the triceps, forearms and shoulder get an excellent work- out in a game of field hockey. Due to rapid movements players develop good reflexes too. It is a very demanding sport when it comes to strength and stamina; hence, hockey is a good way to improve your strength.

Coordination - Playing hockey helps players to develop a good sense of coordination. Passing the ball, receiving the ball, shooting long shots and the likes requires good hand-eye coordination. Also, hockey being a team sport requires coordination with team members and is a good thing for team work.
Gear up for some field Hockey and get fit the national way.



Tennis or Lawn Tennis is originally an English sport and India has been a prominent participant in world tennis events with legendary players such as Leander Paes, Mahesh Bhupati, Sania Mirza and the recent Rohan Bopanna.

Tennis as everyone knows is a physically challenging and tiring sport that requires a good amount of stamina and physical fitness; let us see how this game can help you be fit and strong:

Physical Fitness – Tennis helps in gaining immense speed because of the running around that one has to do on the court. Reaching out for the ball in a short span of time is difficult and can help improve one’s reflexes and speed. Also in Tennis a certain level of balance is required due to the start, stop and hitting the ball on the run that one has to do. Flexibility comes naturally to Tennis players.

Helps in Burning Fat – Through Tennis one can get an array of physical benefits and the most prominent of which is the burning of excess fat. Tennis is a run-stop-run activity making it an aerobic sport that helps in the burning of fat.

Sharpening the mind - Tennis is a good way to sharpen the mind. The instant reaction that is required every time a ball is hit needs a speedy mental calculation and strategy.

Core Strength – Developing the core strength a rage today. However, tennis players have a natural way of doing this. The core which is the abdominal and the lower back muscles are utilised every time a ball is hit. The core is important as it keeps you balanced and on your toe.

So pick up that racquet and hit the court to get fit!


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