Physiotherapy for Back Pain

Updated at: Dec 03, 2012
Physiotherapy for Back Pain

Physiotherapy for Back Pain: Physiotherapy exercises help to improve your condition naturally at your body’s own pace and do not require taking painkillers  to ease back pain.

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PainWritten by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: Dec 03, 2012

You might need physiotherapy to deal with chronic back pain or recover from a back injury. Physiotherapy is an alternative technique of back pain treatment, which does not require drugs.  A physical therapist or physiotherapist carries out this alternative treatment and use various types of methods for pain management such as ice packs, heat and electrical stimulation. Besides relieving pain, it works to strengthen the back muscles and increases their flexibility. Resorting to physiotherapy for treating back pain is a right choice as it helps the patient to recover naturally  and also, curbs the risk of back pain recurrence.


Along with its benefits of pain management and injury correction, physiotherapy safeguards you against the harmful side-effects of pain killers that often damage your immune system. Patients, who resort to  physiotherapy to get a relief from their back pain, are protected from the repercussions of  anti-inflammatory drugs or pain relievers. Let’s read more about the benefits of physiotherapy for back pain.


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Role of a Physiotherapist in your Treatment

Physiotherapists are highly skilled professionals, who  are experts in managing/relieving pain by taking appropriate course of action. Enlisted is a detailed description of how a physiotherapist works.

  • He/she advises on better postures to prevent pain in different body parts.


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  • He/she demonstrates/helps you the exercises to ease your back pain.
  • He/she offers tips on pain management to prevent recurrence of the illness later in the future.
  • He/she may guide you regarding other treatments such as acupuncture or manual therapy to improve your condition further.
  • He/she may tell you the suitable physical activities in which you may engage yourself.
  • He/she will list the activities that you should to avoid.

Physiotherapy Exercise to Cope with Back Pain

Lumbar Stabilization Exercises

To perform this exercise, lie on your back on the floor. Your knees should be bent with the feet placed flat on the floor. This needs you to contract your abdominals and pelvis back and forth so it rocks towards the floor one at a time. Repeat this exercise 20 times.

Knee-To-Chest Exercise

You can perform this exercise on your bed even before you get out of it early morning. Pull both your knees to your chest with your ankles crossed. Try to bring in the knees closer to your torso while pressing your head, neck and shoulders down. Now, gently rock your body in semi-circular motion while maintaining this posture.

Hip Bridge Exercise

This exercise is considered to be the best one for those who have herniated disc. Lie on your back on a soft surface with your knees and legs straight in a line. Now, exhale while keeping your upper body on the floor and parting the body from hips to bring knees and shoulders in one straight line. Hold this position for a few seconds before you return to original posture.


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Apart from these exercises, physiotherapy includes more exercises to strengthen your core muscles to prevent/relieve backache. Consult a certified and practicing physiotherapist to deal with back pain soon.


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