Periwinkle Tea for Controlling Diabetes

Updated at: Feb 04, 2013
Periwinkle Tea for Controlling Diabetes

Periwinkle tea for controlling diabetes – Periwinkle for diabetes is one of the best known natural remedies. Periwinkle tea helps in blood glucose control, the biggest cause.

Himanshu Sharma
DiabetesWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Oct 31, 2012

Periwinkle Tea for Controlling Diabetes

Periwinkle tea (catharanthus roseus) is one of the widely used natural remedies for diabetes treatment. The flowering herb, which is also referred to as ‘madagascar periwinkle’, has been used since ancient times as a herbal medicine to treat several internal and external diseases. The first use of periwinkle for diabetes treatment dates back to the 1920s i.e. even before insulin was discovered.


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Periwinkle for Diabetes

A study at the Mymensingh Medical College in Bangladesh examined the effects of madagascar periwinkle in diabetic rats and it was found that the herb had a significant hypoglycaemic effect on blood sugar levels in both diabetic and non-diabetic rats. A similar study published in the BMC Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, studied the effects of periwinkle on rabbits and found that it helps reduce blood sugar levels in them.

The aforementioned studies found that periwinkle lowered blood sugar levels in both normal animals and diabetic animals by promoting the secretion of insulin, a hormone responsible for controlling blood-sugar levels. The findings need to be confirmed as there is a fair chance that periwinkle works by improving glucose utilisation by the tissues.


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Precautions for using Periwinkle for Blood Glucose Control

  • A qualified medical professional must be consulted before inclusion of periwinkle tea or periwinkle as a dietary supplement.
  • Discuss about the possible adverse reactions or drug interactions of the body with periwinkle.
  • Ensure that the periwinkle tea for diabetes is not related to vinca minor species, which is highly toxic.
  • To make periwinkle tea, mix periwinkle leaf powder with hot water. Let the solution steep for 10 to 12 minutes. Thereafter, drink it along the sediment.
  • You must drink periwinkle tea in the morning before you eat breakfast as doing otherwise may upset stomach.
  • Wait at least a month to see if there has been a reduction in blood glucose levels or the blood glucose levels have come within normal range.


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Researchers from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University raised a question at periwinkle’s toxicity, calling it an unsafe diabetes remedy. Furthermore, they added that the alkaloids responsible for improving blood glucose levels are also highly toxic, which could only worsen the medical condition.

Researchers have assured that the properties of periwinkle may be useful in treating diabetes, but more research is required to certify it safe.


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