Periods during Pregnancy

Updated at: Apr 21, 2012
Periods during Pregnancy

Experiencing periods during pregnancy is unlikely because pregnancy hormones prevent ovulation, but a woman may get vaginal bleeding and spotting during pregnancy.

Gunjan Rastogi
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Experiencing vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy is considered as having menstruation while being pregnant, which is unlikely to happen in a healthy pregnancy. Bleeding during pregnancy mimics periods and often makes detecting pregnancy difficult. If you experience bleeding or cramping during first trimester of pregnancy, consult a gynaecologist at the earliest. There are various causes of ‘periods’ during pregnancy that are:

Implantation Bleeding

When fertilised egg implants itself into the uterus, implantation bleeding is experienced. On the 14th day of a menstrual cycle, ovulation happens following which the ovulated egg is fertilised and implantation occurs approximately seven to ten days after it. By this time, 22-25 days would have passed since your last period and therefore, implantation bleeding is mistaken as early periods.

Oral Contraception

There are very low chances of conception while you are on birth control pills, but pregnancy on oral contraception cannot be ruled out completely. If you conceive while on contraceptive pills, you may experience vaginal bleeding as if you are menstruating. This can make detecting your pregnancy difficult even though you are pregnant. To confirm your pregnancy, you may require an ultrasound.

Hormonal Changes during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a roller coaster in which your body goes through several hormonal changes. Bleeding during early pregnancy can be due to hormonal changes of pregnancy. Usually, this bleeding will only contain few spots.  

Yeast Infection

Yeast infection can be a result of hormonal changes due to pregnancy. Use of any internal vaginal medication to cure infection may lead to bleeding and therefore, use such medication only after consulting a doctor. This bleeding is experienced as there is an increase of blood flow in the vagina as the body eliminates the infection.

Bleeding after Intercourse

Sexual intercourse during early pregnancy can also result in you experiencing light bleeding. This situation is not rare, but taking medical advice is recommended.

How to Diagnose the Causes of Vaginal Bleeding?

Diagnosing the hidden cause of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy may require you to go through vaginal exam, urinalysis, ultrasound and blood test. The treatment plan varies on the basis of vaginal bleeding cause, but usually bed rest or surgery is advised.

If abdominal pain, fever and back pain accompanies your vaginal bleeding, it is advisable to contact your gynaecologist immediately as these accompanying symptoms can also be indicators of miscarriage. All these signs with heavy bleeding may also signal an ectopic pregnancy or placenta previa.




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